TikTok Taking Over The US By Storm While The Chinese Censor Google, Facebook & Other US Networks In China's Mainland

US teens and young adults are pretty occupied by this Chinese Social Media platform. While they are busy competing shooting videos on this Chinese App, China chokes Facebook and other US sites at home.


While the fagg0tory Yanks argue about LGBTQXRAUDHJsh!t their Chinese slit eyed mofos are stealing their trade and Tech secrets.

Long Live Chairman Xi, Msito Trump, Boss Kim Jong & His Highness Ayatollah

True, but Tiktok is more American than it is Chinese. Douyin is the Chinese version

Macharia wa Pro gas alipotelea huko

Tiktok has a special place in peoples hearts. The only thing I hate about it is that black influencers are discriminated.

It would be great if the success of tiktok in U.S and the failure of US app in China, was of some benefit to .ke and Africa in General.

profit zinaenda America au China


US. The parent company, ByteDance was bought by some Californian private company, same way Grindr which was a Chinese company, was sold to the Americans.

I fear that if I ever download tiktok I’ll lose a few neurons in my brain. Any time I see a tiktok video randomly I feel either a bit mentally numbed (dumber) or disgusted at what young girls are being taught.