Tiktok bitch

Hii corona imenifanya I pass through tiktok app nikaoshe masho and try to fish for over 25yrs who have found safe haven there…I have to admit the stupid tiktok videos they make 24/7 can make your IQ drop substantially…
Her name is Azziad Nasenya
Her tiktok handle

Tiktok , Snapchat i consider them za watoi sijawai download


Ukikua Snapchat utakua unagrt nudes ka nonsense

How old are you? and I don’t mean to be rude? my teen nephews/nieces signed out of snap chat.

Sema tu ni mamanzi wa kukutumia umekosa

I think tiktok is a great platform to discover talent
some of the kids on tiktok have major talent

Ghasia mfupa ni ya umbwa. Weka vitu mzuri. Chif

but the chick looks good

Niaje ukirudi jamhuri nitafute nikucharaze bukake.

Am good. Sikuji this year. All cancelled but bukkake ninini?

Afadhari niitwe mzee.

Ingia xvideos utafute.

No I am a female so no need for female nudes. I don’t swing. I am a joystickrider. Let this message get thru to some women who troll me here. Nada to get from me.

Siendi huko…that is enough infor…I can visualise. Wooi.

"Bukkake is Japanese word which roughly translates to “to splash with liquid” and refers to a popular cold noodle dish.
The term is better known, though, as something very, very different. It’s a sex act and genre of pornography where a group of masturbating men encircle another person, usually a woman, and ejaculate on her"

Me too

Oh no…Wanaruona owes me an apology. Ngui yeye.:saitan:

Wachana na huyo wazimu[ATTACH=full]295450[/ATTACH]