Tiger Woods!!

They called him washed out, a has-been, and he showed 'em:



To be fair, after his DUI maneno last year (I think), I was sure he didn’t have the mental strength or the drive to come back. This is one time I am very happy to have been proved completely wrong.

Here is a life lesson…


That is just insane… No wonder Nike pays (paid?) him that much; jamaa amebeba sport kwa wallet

I do know nothing about golf, but its good for the nigga Tiger Woods to be back

Tiger has done more for the sports than the sport has done for him. Haters gonna hate but that is the reality. Those who remember golf before Tiger showed up will definitely agree. Few players in the history of golf have pulled crowds as he did. Being mentioned in the same breadth as Arnold Palmer is no mean feat.


I would really love to watch clips of people mumbling me down when I win…


Good to see him back.
What he’s done for golf…
golf →→→ GOLF.

This maestro birdied the first six of seven holes on Saturday making fellow pros look ordinary. He then changed strategy on Sunday and played defensive bila tamaa. That’s having guts!

Nike know what he’s worth.
That’s the reason when some corporates pulled out after his ‘misfortunes’ Nike didn’t.

nilidhani huyu muyamaa alidedi 2009


He has done for golf what the Williams sisters did for tennis and Lewis Hamilton is doing for F1. The racist haters get very mad, forced to swallow their words over and over again.

True, most fans show up to see them performing. They pull the biggest crowds.

I’ve never before missed a football game to watch golf. After the surprise lead on Thursday, everybody yours truly included, waited for him to fold on Fri. Wapi. Then Sat. Sun was the crowning day. Did y’all see the massive crowd that failed him from hole to hole? iPhones and Samsungs have never taken so many pics.