Tiger Woods

The fall from grace continues.
He was arrested for a DUI offence on Monday night and now waits to be arraigned in court to be charged.
What bothers these celebs?
And guys here were going ham on the elderly Kenyan who was deported for a similar offence.

Tuliona ile time bibi alikua anakunyorosha

Desmond Tutu akiwa bado teenager akiitwa Desmond Tata.

Niaje rafiki ya uwesmake

Daudi Kabaka akitunga lyrics za ELULE.

Poa sana bibi ya Bingwa

The police have already said that the breathalyzer test read 0.0% and that the reason he was in that state is because he had taken the wrong combination of pain medication. He had a back surgery on April.

How many times have you boasted here about driving home drunk? If this is a fall from grace for Tiger Woods then are the scum at the bottom of the barrel.


Rogo manduli akiwa sweet sixteen!


Hii picha nayo mliona lini?

It’s called prescription pill abuse. It’s worse than driving a while intoxicated. Many die from it every year. Those painkillers are highly addictive. It carries the same sentence as a alcohol violation because every drug comes with a warning not to get behind the wheel if you consume if its known effects interfere with your driving. The authorities will still charge him with a DUI. Remember even a person driving drunk is charged with a DUI.