Tiger Woods vs NTSA

Jamaa alipuliza akapatikana
jug daniels haijatoka system bado

Tiger Woods, who either missed the cut or withdrew from every PGA tour appearance this year and had back surgery last month, spent nearly four hours in custody this morning after being charged with DUI in Jupiter, Fla. according to WPTV.


OK , if this jerk will hire a legal Mexican to pay him 1000 shillings an hour to be his driver for life then he won’t find himself here.

Ile siku huyu jamaa alitomba inje alafu akakubali hadharani ndio alijimaliza

let this be a lesson to nyeuthis who decide they want to be with white chics

ngombe , Nimeoa mkikuyu na sibanduki

mama clichy ni albino?

Albino ni wewe birionea

Mkikuyu isn’t white chic or you wanubi because of your blackness mnaona Hao kukuwa wazungu? Chieth ya nattydread

Niaje Ghombe ya Wenger Mefika

Tumechukua FA na tuko nyuma ya uncle Wenger

The guy is properly sloshed!

He is about to become “an angry black” very soon…

Not white women but American women

Yaani crisis moja iliangusha huyu jamaa kabisa

Conte alituchesa ndio Wenger atawale milele…

Wee, sasa huyo umetaja ni nyati-chieth kwa hivyo uwes ni chieth ya chieth?

Tiger Woods is an ass. Hii jinga refused to associate himself with anything associated with niggaz. The minimum he could do is philipino. Now the system is slowly showing him his true identity. …nicca

Exactly. If I equate you to natty’s chieth know you are worse than himself who is chieth. Have you ever seen chieth producing it’s own chieth? That’s natty and uwes

Tiger doesn’t really have any real friends around him. Just a bunch of users. And very little family. He has little association with his siblings from his dads earlier marriages. They live in squalor . Its not his fault but its reality. When he goes gown he goes down hard. Sometimes in life your only friends are your family or someone within. Someone in the bar could have called him an Uber if they cared about him.