Tides changing

Nimesoma gazeti mahali and it looks like the people who benefited from the container scandal in the ministry of health are willing to plea a deal with EACC to return the funds. I think Uhuru is playing smart and wants his name clean by having the kin’s name washed clean. Now what about Uliam kipindupindu? Will he return what he acquired illegally via proxy? I think Uhuru is serious about leaving a legacy. My 2 cents thoughts

Gazeti gani sehemu gani?

We need big and small people in jail serving long and harsh sentences. That is the only way to scare corrupt individuals.

Achana na hustler taja baba ya corruption mwenyewe RAO hapana catwalk hapa na half truths eti sababu hupendi hustler 2022 CiC.

The anti-corruption commission has begun out-of-court negotiations to recover Sh800 million irregularly paid to a company implicated in the multi-million shillings mobile clinics scandal.

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) triggered the turn of events when it filed a case to prove how high-end wheeler dealers at the Ministry of Health colluded with unqualified companies to inflate the cost of mobile clinics from Sh308 million to Sh800 million.
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Sasa gashwin

It will never happen as long as they are sharing the loot with corrupt investigators, judges and magistrates.

mwizi was kuku hapewi out of court settlement. washikwe,wafungwe.


In a serious country they would be negotiating reduced jail sentences for returned money. Not this childish shiet. We are a shithole country

I will acknowledge the government is fighting korapshon the day watakuwa serious vile walideport miguna

kama uhuru ako serious afungue ndungu report

Halafu aintroduce hii…hii ni kudanganya mikono tu

I am hoping it is a lie altogether


Hii ni kufungwa macho, the only way you can finish corruption in Kenya is to shoot and kill the corrupt ndo iwe funzo. Let it be televised for everyone to see. Wakenya ni waoga sana utaona venye mambo itanyoroka. Sheria law kimpango only to deal with corruption.

Weren’t you one of the folks who said no money was lost kwa clinic containers? Why are they willing to return the money now? You were wrong old fellow ,very wrong . Tetea Uliam tu ,his days are numbered …

Naah dont kill thats way too easy wawekwe prison na harsh conditions and state makes it mandatory for all civil servants & police force to regularly visit the comrades and other people jailed for fraud and corruption.

Sawa buda lakini william ndio CiC 2022 upende usipende. Mbona unakuwa on the losing side every 5 years?

Tides are changing, and quickly changing old friend

my fellow jubilant,wewe ulipata hata crumbs tulipowapatia mkate mzima?

Hey pick up ilienda