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If you want to be a resident of Karen or in the leafy suburbs never look for a corporate job like I did, the public service is the sure ticket, if not better try business.
Penninghttps://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/t36/1/16/1f58a.pngmy Journal memoirs, the world doesn’t work quite the way they tell you. Many will tell you work hard & look to get a job in the corporate world.
For a while I did believe this but I would learn different as life evolved.
My advice today to anyone would be different. Endeavor to get into the public service, corporate world is a total waste of time.
Ask yourself this pertinent question, who lives & owns property in Karen, Kitusuru, Muthaiga, Lavington… all these leafy Nairobi suburbs? Is it the corporate, NGO employees?
After I finished college I started a illustrious career in the private sector aviation industry. Without doubt I did burn lots of candles, often leaving work at 2100 hrs and back at the airport ramp at dawn, working weekends was norm. My world was the airport, hardly went into town.
When I started work my pay was certainly higher than my classmates who joined the civil service and I quickly took on a car loan. This is what corporates do, they give you a car loan and you work your butt out to pay it off.
It’s all facade, call it hot air, don’t drool when you see a corporate executive driving some BMW fancy car, often it’s all he owns. Corporates will keep you at most between 15-20 years during your prime years only to drop you in your early to mid 40s. They have coined words for the offload. For a better word they call it retrenchment or redundancy. This business strategy even has a sexy word coined for it is re-structuring.
The Oxford Dictionary defines redundant as “the state of being not or no longer needed or useful.” Does this ring a bell, if it doesn’t and you are living in the corporate bubble. It a matter of time before it is pricked.
My public servants classmates didn’t have cars as soon as I did and by and large I was their chauffeur. They were cash rich and I was facade rich. We cruised and painted Nairobi red at the time, I provided the car, they had the liquidity. It is called a symbiotic beneficial relationship.
To keep your corporate job you got to wear flashy suits and go out to the bling bling hangouts. This costs money. At my time the best coffee joint was Green Corner, if you wanted to go a notch higher, Trattoria was it. We partied at Carnivore. Don’t know how many teas & coffee Black Forest & cheese cakes I gobbled with women who were a total waste of time, best born to drain a hard earned coin but that is the world most corporate employees live in, it’s called a fantasy Disney or make believe.
Sadly, they hang together and don’t interact with lo and sundry “jua kali hustlers”. Once they are declared by redundant often initiated by a close friend with whom they hangout there world collapses. Corporate world is vicious, it’s survival for the fitness. Everyone is scheming for your job.
Within 5 years of working my civil servants classmates had moved a notch higher within the higher ranks of the public service. Many had been promoted to be Account 1, and Supplies Officers, others DO 1 in public administration. The deals they pulled were a lot bigger and now most of them bought their cars cash. Mine still on loan.
The first advice I would give any corporate employee is never take a loan to buy a car. It may end up your only asset!
As we moved into middle age the ball https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/tc0/1/16/1f3c8.png game changed drastically. This is the dangerous period for anyone in the corporate world. Redundancy calls were norm. To keep your job you had to work more than the rest, under constant threat.
There was one day a lady KQ workmate friend called me from her office, she said there is someone’s after me and has put me in the redundancy list. I need your counsel.
I said come down to the ramp, am on the airside handling an aircraft cargo loading issue. She walked a distance from her plush office in her high heels, mini skirt flimsy dress.
As we talked she collapsed onto the hot tarmac, little did I know what was wrong but I noticed that one side of her body was frozen. I rushed to the KQ dispensary at the back seat of my car and she was admitted to Aga Khan but did not live to tell the tale, she had a stress heart attack, at 30 years yet single.
Few of her corporate colleagues did attend her funeral.
Associating with her was a sure one way ticket out as she had fallen from the good books of the powers that be in KQ.
Corporate bosses play God you are a statistic for their whim and abuse. Take this to the bank. The day you are employed in the corporate world please start saving for your retirement. It is only a matter of time, your exit is a must dead or alive. My colleague left dead.
In the middle age we were now paying mortgages in middle class suburbs. cash was tight. At this point most of us had worked 15 years.
My public service classmates were now in a different tangent. They were now in the leafy suburbs and most of them owned businesses. They were now in big positions and accounting officers and could pull mega deals and lots of time in their hands to do business.
Most of them did business with the government, it’s called insider trading. The fear of redundancy in the public service is low, the modalities to redundancy excruciatingly cumbersome even if you steal.
Most of my corporate colleagues at this stage were hitting 20 years of service and by now had been declared redundant. This is the folly of the corporate employee. The public service today pays equal if not better than the corporate world, with little stress too, have no illusions about this…
My advice to the young if you are not cut out for business, one in ten people is born a businessman or lady, seek a public service job. Go into the corporate world as a last resort, forget the facade, it’s crap.
If you want to work in the corporate world, honesty is key. Our generation in KQ did it and KQ was the pride of Africa, in the process forgot riches.
A few pilots at KQ cause of their mega salaries made it to Karen but it was handful, most KQ employees ended in Komorock Estate in remission where they while their sunset. They haven’t the foggiest clue where the Hub Mall is, or even where Twin Rivers could be? Yet they live in the city. KQ knew full well that the bulk of its staff are condemned to the lower struts, that’s why the staff buses pick up employees from Komarock, Dandora, Umoja, Kariobangi. Meanwhile the whole world thinks you are doing well, but do they know?
Should you be in the corporate world aim to be there max 10 years so you can start your hustle when you spirit is strong.
Be there to gather skills. They will retrench you, mark my words. Jump out before you are shoved out.
Today the County governments are a sure ticket for prosperity, that’s why everyone wants in. The controls weak, the takes high.
If you doubt what I say walk around the leafy suburbs and you find that all those who live there are public servants or politicians who are also essentially public service employees.
It’s not ever possible even if your adept to live in a Karen/ or top notch suburb from the salaries you draw from the corporate world.
If you are cut out for the business go for it as a first resort. Business world is supreme but requires the hardest work. It’s no walk in the park, let nobody cheat. It requires commitment and the working hours long.
Trust my instincts, it comes from experience…heh heh
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Spot on.

Siku hizi a TSC teacher is better off than a privately employed doctor.

Not so fast Purple. Doctors still make good money all round and all over the world. It is the hours that suck

Another area with solid job security is academia. One can still come across professors at the University of Nairobi that started teaching in the seventies. They still look healthy, and do live in the ultra leafy suburbs

Very powerful article that graduates should read. It’s a real eye opener

Public service iko na pesa, but it’s not as easy as it seems. If you are not mafia minded huwes mek huko

I am going to disagree with certain things. It’s true you are better off in the public sector. But only in terms of job security. Very few officers in government actually pull off meaningful deals to end up in leafy surburbs. The ones who reside in Karen are the cream of the crop. Very senior officers who hit a good deal at their peak. In fact when you walk in those areas you will be shown that is so and so’s house, he is the head of police division, that is major(navy) house , huyo ndiye alikuwa deputy secretary etc etc.

Others can pull of deals but only to supplement their incomes. Remember every government action is being watched by the likes of the PS, his deputy and officials at the treasury who release the funds. So nothing will happen without them knowing.

Only good thing is working in government you are entitled to certain things like free housing and sometimes they house you in those leafy places.

Ask Dr Mogusu (rip), who went without a salary for 5 months, if TSC teachers weren’t better off than him.



First, if you really want to be unhappy, start comparing yourself with your classmates.

Truth is, there will always be somebody who will be doing better than you and the tables will keep flipping every year.
Ni kama Premier league, leo uko top of the table, kesho umefika mid-table kama Arsenal.

As long as you live in a nice home, and you can afford to go out on roadtrips, count yourself lucky in Kenya. Maybe even get a passport and travel abroad.

Public service or corporate, if you work the same job for 5 years with no salary increment or side hustles that will give you extra income, you will be stagnant.

Does the author really know what they’re talking about? Getting a job in the counties ni balaa, people are employing their families and clansmen only. And when a new administration comes in you all get thrown out with the bathwater even if as an administrator you had nothing to do with the politics. Tenders? Utapata lakini malipo utalilia kwa choo. The centralized system was more favourable for rank and file civil servants. The current devolved one is more lucrative but also a lot more exclusive. An ordinary guy in a government office will not “walk in on” a 180M tender like Mr. Njuguna.