Tibim! Tialala!

I just passed a pathetic mini-demo at the bottom of Valley Rd.

They were blocking the intersection, blowing whistles and chanting the devilish gibberish Tibim! Tialala! The number was no more than 80, and they seemed disorganized, plotless. Then their paleface leader popped his head out of an SUV to address them.

Had to leave before they decide to rebuild Nairobi CBD in frustration.

More like “Chibo!”, “Tulale”

Pesa ya chang’aa na maku lazima itafutwe. Isafriday.

CBD ? Wataudwa !

The foul mouth boy has lost his seat. My day keeps getting better.


You’re full of surprises you :slight_smile:

Sweetheart, maku ni nini? Na inahusiana na pesa aje?

I am mutating. I don’t like it.

Sasa una-like swali badala ya kunielimisha?

:D:D oh c’mon…
say that word in rapid succession…like four times( but not loudly)

yawa, isn’t it abit too early in the day for you to be shit faced? (hata kama isafriday) :D:D:D:D:D

You will make the mzee get a heart attack, you know such things easily excite him.

Village life my fren. Village life.

:D:D:D:Dmy W16 your quad turbo charged upuss never disappoints

he he…umenikumbusha nikiwa class five nilitandikwa mwiko za mata-core na HM juu ya kuomba hio kitu ingine umesema wacha chang’aa. :smiley:

On the contrary, I am stone cold sober.High on coffee .:D:D

heheh…This one is clinging on to this life too much. Hawezi enda.

Ambia muzee Ki-Ti-Mba

Ngatho!! Ulimuomba headie maku?

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D you’ve made my day, leta full hekaya