@gaza hizo leafs za green in sacks ni gani ?
It can’t be mogoka

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Anauza honey comb hapo in a container.

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Ni mboga ya kienyeji… na pia ni dawa. Lakini achana na watu wangu wachape bwaka yao pole pole bila kusumbuliwa. Get this straight bro; our traditional way of life, socio-economic activities and cultural heritage are not for sale to be displayed to the outside world for their amusement. Aight. Just so we are clear about that.


wewe na suits zako uko huko Manhattan united sodom, sioni kama unaeza survive a day kwa hio town iko hio clip. You must be a pussy. Leta stamp na ak47 tukuamini

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Hii place inakaa kunuka jasho na meffi

Chokosh niaje. Unataka niji validate kwa waunaume wengine. Ile siku nitafanya ivyo … just know I lost the plot.

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Hehe. Hutaki tukuone in your natural habitat? We should all be proud of our cultures and lifestyles.

It is raw unfiltered honey. The honey cobs float on top.

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But most of you gave up on your culture and traditional way of life and adapted western style cultural practices that were basically imposed on you through the “mis-education” of a negro, in the name of civilisation by white folks. You even pray to their gods for fuck sakes.

We are in the tiktok digital age and utaanikwa the world over hata ukifijicha kwa shimo huko kapedo.

Piga magoti, panua … alafu unuse jasho na ulambe meffi bila kusumbua.

What is the name of the plant?

Either way … you can only watch and imagine the experience. A far cry from living the experience. In the end … when all is said and done and you look back; you will realize we had a better life experience than you who lived all their life trying to fit in and be accepted as part of someone else cultural norms. It’s a pity

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From that video i agree na ile maneno huwa unasema that you are more related to the turkana than the tugen, ilchamus, marakwet etc. I have read book about the Suk people (old pokot tribe name) that were written in the early 1900s and they say the same. The suk are described as being different from the “kalenjin” peoples.

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I lived 1 yr huko kerio valley (barwesa) while working with some organisation and have experienced the life style.

Generally, an observant nyeuthi would immediately note (from the apparent interactions of the video recording Pokot and the recorded Pokots), that its just one Pokot video recording other Pokots on what looks like a market/trading day in same northern .ke Pokot village.

Now, the Pokot nyeuthi that recorded that video went ahead and posted it on online.

Alafu Pokot ingine hapa @gaza inaleta za “not for sale to be displayed to the outside world for their amusement”

Nikama yuko na copyrights za Pokot culture/heritage and Pokotness itself.

Kwanza ni atuchapie story ya Gen z wa Pokot.
In that video kuna Gen z hapo. Zao zilikua gani kuhusu #Rejectfinancebill ?

Hizo ma cargo wana trade wamefikiwa na KRA ama kanjo ya county ?


Ati kanjo ama KRA. Bruh … we live in an ungoverned space. The state does not exercise sovereignty nor control, over our territorial space. Their presence is only partial through state security operators that are mostly confined to their FOB’s. That’s why the state pays us to exercise control over our people. Either because they are unable or unwilling to do it themselves. So yes, we technically own Pokot’s.

So, is cash used in those markets ama ni bater trade ?

Whatever suits you best. The barter system of trade is a common and acceptable means of doing business transactions. Bora msikilizane.

Hii mtu @Gaza iko SEATTLE.