Thutha (Ochunglo Family) VS DRINX-na-MAYENX (decimal) Which is the new club banger?


Thutha iko juu…

Since ethics watoe lamba lolo inaonekana trend ni kurealese dirty lyrics tu

Ochunglo family wako very hard working. Hawa decimal wako na connection to Punit, Nonini na bado ngoma iko na 3k views

Hata poison ivy played the song in an NB game but bado hawajacapitalise

Hizo songs ziko sawa

Wamezungusha mpaka iam hi

What in the wackness of lyricism is this… GOD this some Dr. Sues level rhyming going… Like kuna simple ryhmes but if it makes you sound like a kid talking out his ass Wachana na mic
Imagine singing along to these wack lines…
Should have started doing satirical tracks but hii issa straight no… It ain it chef