Thugs Dressed in Police Uniform Or Inside Job...?

Four schools in Lurambi are counting losses after four thugs broke into their respective administration blocks and made away with money and other valuables of unknown value. The four schools affected by the burglars include; Mahiakalo Secondary, Nyayo Tea Zone Primary, Mwinyala Primary, and Mahiakalo Primary School.
The administrators of the four schools called for efforts by the police to get to the bottom of the matter and flush out the unknown thugs who were reported to have been wearing police uniforms.

Watchmen from the schools narrated the ordeal to local media on the happenings of the night as they blamed the police for little action taken even after issuing distress calls after the incident.[ATTACH=full]378712[/ATTACH]
Police attire was seized from two suspects in Changamwe and a door was locked with a chain link and a padlock.

“One of them was carrying a metallic object and the other three were armed with stones. One of them dealt me a heavy blow that sent me to the ground and demanded that I show them the administration blocks while they stepped on my neck while I was on the ground,” narrated one of the night guards.
“They broke in and ransacked the office for more than thirty minutes. After that, they switched off the lights and let me go. After they left I blew my whistle to alert of a burglary incident,” he added.

Another guard at one of the schools narrated that no police officer came for his rescue even after his distress calls.
“They saw me and came to me armed with a machete. On seeing them I ran for dear life as I screamed to the top of my voice. Police on patrol came but the thugs were long gone."
“We wonder where these people get their police uniform from. They came and told us that we should be in our houses as per government guidelines while they robbed us," another guard stated.



This comes as CCTV cameras caught three assailants breaking into St Joseph’s Secondary School in Kocholia, Busia County May 14, 2021 where they reportedly made away with property belonging to the institution. One of the armed men kept guard outside as the others scanned the area in search of valuables.
The trio was also linked to another armed robbery at Arizona Club in Kocholia where a night guard who was assaulted succumbed to injuries.

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The most useless cops are found in kakamega

Piss off, they’re found everywhere

Nyinyi watu wa Kach siku hizi mna visanga sana.

Its always advisable to invest in CCTV cameras which are very cheap nowadays.

But the ones in Kakamega are the creme dela creme

To some level the police stories from those sides are on another level. Nikama wako nchi ingine.

And then do what with images. Ukiona mtu kwa camera na humjui itakusaidia aje?

The kenya police has an intelligence department. Hio picha kuna watu wakioneshwa watasema ni fulani ama alikua na fulani day so and so. shida ni eti makarao pia huwa kwa mix so inakua wild goose chase.