Thugs break into Mdvd Karen home, steal dvd, TV and gas cylinder



Police are investigating circumstances surrounding a burglary incident at the Nairobi home of Chief Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi.

Two burglars raided the home and made away with a 40-inch tv set and gas cylinder.

It remains unclear how the burglars accessed the well-guarded home at Karen, Nairobi, on January 29.

Police said a review of CCTV footage showed that two men managed to jump the perimeter fence at 4:30 pm.

One of them covered one of the CCTV cameras with a plastic object to hide their identity.

They then accessed some rooms in the compound and stole the items before escaping.

The property is usually guarded by officers from the presidential security.

Police said they had established the electric fence at the compound was not working at the time of the incident.

They left dvd

They passed all other homes to go steal from a property guarded by the presidential security team?:eek:
…these daring thugs!


What’s happening then kuna hiii?

Diflekshen !!!

All that for a gas cylinder and a TV? Very curious.

Labda walipata a chest full of gold but nobody will talk about that.

Kila siku hawa majambazi wana bomoa nyumba za watu. Its just that these are public figures. Ndo we hear about it.

Ati! I think some news are just for exciting the hustlers…

Very curious…they also did the same hapa kwetu wakaenda kwa mpig flani wakatoka na gas cylinder na I think bike ya mtoi…kwangu walifungua SQ but hawakupata kitu ya maana ya kuiba

Mpig gani uyu anaishi kawangware :D:D:DCoordinator rusha kitu nikunywe ya Thursday

Yaani dvd ya Madvd imeenda

There was a time watu wamedungwo na visu sana hapa nairobi, they were raising 15b for a reason.

it was alleged also aisha jumwa home raided and daughters slapped by thugs. if true then news is a red herring to provide smokescreen for mati angie raid. move along, nothing to see here …

Only the Juvenile Fools in here belive story …

Would YOU risk your butt to enter the well guarded premises just to steal a TV and Gas Cylinder …???

They should try another tale …

SHENZI KABISA …:mad::mad:

Jacob Elkana, who is also a security expert, opined that the incidents would have been inside jobs.