Thuglet For Target Practice

Hakosi that make up was that cheap stockpile probably sourced from a cosmetic shop located near chenobyl. Probablh irradiated and she was glowing in the dark…the cop probably had the easiest of shots…poor girl though…may she RIP.

A lot of innocent people loose their lives everyday because of people like this. Over very little. I would put one right in the middle of that forehead .

Hehehehe :slight_smile:

Kikiki akiyao tiwee njilani… Njilani uyu ni wewe katimber kaa

I see you… Thinking young…maybe you are… Not sure… Anyhow who cares!!.. Me! I care… HOW THE FUCKING OLD ARE YOU KUKAA!!

Niliona story can’t remember where, ati she didn’t die , she got to the mortuary opened her eyes begged the attendant to call her family who did and they secretly picked her and sent her to SA for treatment, she even commented on a post wher people were happily discussing her death telling them off I do not know how true this is

that was a lie

Nyina, icio ni ng’ano cia marimu.

No way a cop can shoot you in the face at pretty close range (they never leave bullets in their magazines) and you wake up in the mortuary with 1/2 your brains on the blanket. Eeeeish!

it is just cheap sensationalism. Serious issues are dumbed down to appeal to ignorant masses.

The picture was of a South African kidnapping victim.

Hii ni comment ya kitambo… remember she had been warned severally and even went underground… Matanga yake ni ya Thursday @mukuyu murang’a


kweli alikua anatoka interior sana

Wako wengi Sana kayole,on Sunday I saw a girl hajafikisha 15years akichoma ndom na hutu tu gaza boys nikamhurumia.


I do not have FB, but isn’t it irritating how these social media postings do not have dates?

Rigan Sarkozy