Thuglet For Target Practice

Hii Tuliona brigade, ketini paleeeee -------------------------------------------------->

Imagine you are Hessy and you are called by terrified residents who are being robbed in broad daylight by armed thugs.

As you arrive at the scene, in the chaos and confusion, there is one very clear target right in front of you, clumsily trying to aim a heavy Beretta and clearly not very well schooled in the use of firearms:

You cannot miss. You aim straight at that glowing layer of cheap make-up, the PURPLE (!!) lipstick. She was shot in the face.

hii tuliona lini?

Kwani aligongwa na lori ya make up?? Na hiyo hairline haha good thing she got shot in the face all that shiet kwa uso ni insult to Africa



Wizi aside anaeza kulika

Hiyo mask ikitolewa utatoroka.

Stale news, but I’m sure this thieving bitch caked in makeup is way out of your league, otherwise you won’t be bitching about her all day very day. Real men are nursing a JB, a sex woman on the side, and cutting deals with fellow real men, you’re here bitching about some a thieve in kayole and sucking dicks of jubilee thieves!! See your life!!

Akinyeshewa :D:D:D

Kuna mtu alisema hii Nairobi first date ni swimmo.

[SPOILER=“clare mwaniki”][/SPOILER]Hii tuliona ata the dead body … Alifikiria make up ni bullet proof … na mimi sijui kuweka spoiler

Somebody knight this mbish already!

:D:D akitoka pool unamhelp kupanguza hio uso

Eti ukimpeleka swimmo hiyo hoteli lazima ichimbe ingine. Hiyo ya kwanza ina-clog mpaka drains…

I thought Mr. Crayonman would remind me of a crucial detail I missed: Hessy aimed at the center of the shiny eyes.

Ni kama yule mkongo aliimba na Daddy Owen.

hii shida ya gonad itamaliza wengi

Halafu all the media, from Mharo to DN, are referring to this piece of oboho road-kill as ‘the prettiest gangster in Kenya’. We have lost our sense of beauty if blond curly weaves, paint-on eye-brows, caked powder and overdone off-colour lipstick are the marks of an attractive woman. Sikutaja kitambi cha chips na broiler unhidden in that shorty tank top. Ngai!

I believe that was @Okiya. :smiley:

It is the virus who does that