Throw her out at the first sign of craziness otherwise you'll one day come home to such scenes.


Acid bath

mwanaume amesoma halafu anakuja nairobi kuishi na mwendawazimu, tutamsaidia aje?


That lady is suicidal,next u will find ur body disarranged ,mjulus on head,one hand cut ,legs apart etc .advice …run ,run as fast as a horse and disappear completely from her life

Why are women so crazy?! Granted, there are some psychotic men out there too but not nearly as many as women. Like 1:100 ratio of crazy men to women. Kama ni kuwachana si uende bila destroying property! What a shame that tv never saw a PS5 before it died.

Make her family pay for all that damage akiwa ndani ya cell. Akikaa huko ndio atajua the importance of freedom.

:D:D:Dto a man kenye inauma ni seeing your curved 40 something inch imegongeshwa chini:D:D

Bana! She will never understand ile research ulifanya, zile forums na websites ulivisit, zile video reviews zote uliwatch na malap ulichapa tao ukisample the best tvs kabla ya kusettle on that tv alafu kunguru inakuja inavunja :D:D

Hata kama alikuwa na ile household insurance, kweli watakubali kulipa? Never, wataruka tu.

Oh boy here is hoping he had insurance. He should then retaliate by going cold on her, rebuild by moving out and moving on with someone else.

Going cold and kumwachia is for betas. Fight fire with fire.
You escalate and inflict financial pain by making her pay for the damage.Also use the corrupt justice system to get a restraining order as your life is ‘now in danger’.Put her in her place. She’ll never forget you ukifanya hivyo and will always regret her actions.

Utaenda kumreport kwa polisi watakuambia shida za boma upeleke mbali. Hiyo ujinga hawafanyagi hapa :smiley:

Supposing she does not have any money how will she pay? the easiest way to hurt a pyscho woman is to block her out of your life.

Watu wao watapata pesa since they enabled her behaviour. Kakilala Langata I’m sure pesa ya kukulipa itapatikana.
Plus you are also saving other men down the road since she’ll never do that again.

Hii ni kenya mjamaa. Use money to get justice

signs of violence are seen from the verbal aspect. i once dated someone who used say ‘nikipata chali anacheat, nammwagia blueband moto yenye imemelt juu iyo huwacha permanent scars’…hapo nikachapa tactic ya kujiondoa coz i knew i was dating a deranged baboon waiting to go ballistic.

Mwanaume anafaa kushow Bibi from the time ulichukua the first slices if she fucks up atajipata ako na suitcase kwa mlango. Hakuna ku tolerate umeffi na upus Na Bibi pia ajue Ni advance unaweza lipia lanye any time

Well, if you say so. Lakini kama ni huku lazima angeenda ndani for some time without involving her parents. But l go with Rayoo’s comment hapo juu.
This guy will now go KT MGTOW…nadhani mtu akifanya hivi kule kwa Duke of Kuma anaweza ona moshi not to mention kwa Muchatha 2020:D

I’ll keep on saying this, on matters relating to sex, women are always in control. You thinking otherwise is just your ego talking, you’re too ego-invested in your pursuit of pussy…

The only way a man can be in control of sex is if he pays for it upfront aka escorting or prostitution… You pay her to leave you alone. That’s the only way a man can retain his peace + energy after fucking a woman and avoid PNC. If you value your mental health and inner peace, this is the way to go…

But since naona K-talk promotes family values and is anti-MGTOW + anti-prostitution, continue entertaining women thinking that you have control. Women are masters at giving men the illusion of control aka stroking his ego…:D:D:D:D… That bitch has been playing men since she was in form 3, it’s like playing chess against a grandmaster… You cannot win no matter how hard you try… She has seen too many men, she has conquered too many men… You won’t be the first and neither the last. Nature has designed women to control men, she was created to control you

Your ego-investment in your alphaness and ability to control women is what leads to the above scenario… Your property being demolished or you not being able to see your children, among other petty revenge schemes concocted by the female brain…

Enjoy your misery, acha sisi MGTOW tuendelee na mental health yetu na inner peace. If loneliness is the price to pay for being MGTOW, it is a worthy price…