Throw back, penpal edition..Dryfry?

Back in the day, pre-internet (at least for peasants) Sunday Nation had akasection where people could write in seeking for penpals, you could describe yourself, hobbies, the countries you’ll like to get panpals from and such stuff. I wonder whether anyone here ever wrote in and got a penpal, how has the ‘penpal’ relationship evolved over time…For the Gukas here, they had a dating section in Saturday Magazine, I’m sure most of this clueless tumzees you see around here frequented that section a lot, dry spell ya kitambo, when there was no Gurana and Snap to do the trick when everything else fails, ilikua noma sana…!Give us your stories…


I got a penpal from Galway, Ireland, but not through the nation… it was through our primary school itself. The friendship just lasted 2 letters.

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forrowing for a friend…

never had a penpal hizo column za nation zilikua scams tu

Hahaha…sema tu social.skills zako zilikua down

Mimi nilikuwa na penpal…tulitumiana emails kadhaa from Uganda…she sounded/typed beautifully

Then you found out she was a banana holder…
Leta hekaya


That’s why you’re still a virgin

Sikupitia za penpal. Lakini pale mig33 nilikuwa gwiji


2go??? mygamma??


Same here a boy from UK.

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Osungu yako ilifika mwisho hapo. Haingeenda any further


Izo sikupitia

gashui na guka wako wapi watuletee hekaya za smoke signals


I had a penpal through that daily nation we finally met after high school na nikakamua when we joined campus

Me I got a female penpal from Glasgow called Jane Mullen, we exchanged letters tukiitana all sort of pet names kumbe this mama all along thought I was a chic! The day I talked of how I would love to have my shaft in her pink canoe was the day it ended. Later on she confessed my name is a girls name in the UK.


Had one from Australia. Sent me several letters using primary school address. But the school hid more letters from me.

i used to wish for one but as i started college i started doing correspondence chess…


mutiso niwache