Threshold, how standards have changed...

You can hit multiple rounds and still leave your woman hanging, @Claire, @pseudonym and other pink handles, please confirm.
But when, she ask for water or a snack, that’s when you know you have driven the point home.
So, the gold standard for threshold, is when she craves to drink or eat.



A pinkie version of threshold manenoz ?
I am sure someone has already written about it…

Do women cum?

Does the sun rise in the morning?

it never rises or sets

Enyewe leta hekaya.

You got me there.
Putting it simply then it’s a yes.

Jesus wept.


saba? kwani ni freno unatoa


This sums it up, sorry for those who don’t understand Greek/okuyu.
Lakini, this woman is getting back on her Ex, she is bitterly rebuking him, for not making her quench for water during and after sex.

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Ati arudishe jembe store…poor man

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after dame amefika orgasm hii maneno mnaita thershold ni kibarua unlesss iwe ni sidechick na my shiny eye inafikiria pesa ya lodgo then i have to beat that P ndio nicut loss.

Threshold blueprint:
Mimi na mresh tunashikisha jaba ya Mbeere, tools ni njugu, dark chocolate, milk na Glenfiddich. Chonga mkiwa ndethe with Kenny G’s clarinet moaning in the background calling you to mate kama mwadhini. Oh na maji five litres. Holy moly she squirts and squirts na mastingo zote. Chicca always comments “Making love like lions in the jungle” (getting a boner typing this). Break time ni maji kwanza the recoup with milk and digestive cookies za Manji. Bite chocolate and kiss as you pass on the chocolate. Anzeni tena. Unamwaga na mjoloba inakataa kuanguka. Chicca holds it with both hands (uwes na mkono moja) and exclaims “Ngai! leo umeniamulia”. At this point niko x-1 where x=threshold


You owe us a hekaya bana…nilingoja jana hukuweka

When I recalled how that was the most tasteless sex I have ever had in my life I got bored of writing it.
Maybe I will write about this one…:stuck_out_tongue:

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We leta hekaya

Assuming it’s 30 minutes…
30 times 7 that makes it what… 210 minutes…
3.5 hours… Unless you see each other once a month…yall are overreacting

Why yall so extra? …

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