THREE MPS arrested in Mau

after police barricaded road to block them from accessing the affected families being evicted from the forest.

Natembea has ordered there is no kutembea in Mau areas. MP for Emurwa Dikir Hon. Ngeno AKA Ngong has been arrested alongside the area MCA, while on tour of the area

Watu watoke mau, simpo

Trying to set up William Ruto against his people, it will backfire. They should look for another political strategy. Why are they not evicting people from some forest in Nairobi? Or in Machakos and Kakamega?

Mbwa Kasia takataka,
Where did they come from?
During kibaki they were evicted and harambee was done to settle them how did they come back?
I fear Ruto presidency wakalenjin mtatukalia kichwa.

Ivo ndo mlikua mkisema Raila presidency wajaluo watakua wanafunga njia serkal ikojoe. but statistics from Kibera proved that kikuyus live in slums. kalenjins don’t.

Mtoke msitu na Mwache siasa mingi

Si basi ruto washikane na raila juu the next president atakuwa mkikuyu

This mau thing is like the amazon forest issue, very hypocritical of Europeans complaining about clearing forests, especially considering Europe was once a big forest.

Wewe unakuanga na shida flani ya kuelewa, do you know that the mau feeds lake Victoria and the Mara river, it’s the largest forest in Kenya alafu mnataka kuishi at the expense of other Kenyans? And you have the gall to compare it to other tiny forests in sijui Nairobi and Machakos?

Central mashamba ile mzuri zingekua na forests wamepanda kahawa na chai. Hawataki watu wengine walime mashamba yao. Wanataka ipandwe miti.

Wakikuyu walifurushwa Mt Kenya, Wakalenjin wabaki Mau kwa nini?

Watu watoke Mau roho safi, an excerpt from the report of the taskforce led by Prof. Marion Kamau on the State of Forests and Logging in Kenya.

In Mau Forest Complex for instance,a 2016 intensive ground survey revealed that there isno sign of large mammals in 17 of 22 forest blocks.

The animals that call the forest home are clearly not impressed, mother nature wont let us off easy.

The needs of the many must outweigh the needs of the few

Iyo ghassia Ng’eno ni Meffi in my eyes, Fucking Orangutan.Watu watoke mau.Period!!

Ghassia watoke mau

You think they don’t know, political mileage lazima itafutwe.

Watoke wote! Hizo rivers and lakes zikikauka ndio tutajua umaskini ni nini. Millions of Kenyans depend on those rivers and lakes

you and your stupid unfounded fears driving you to make nonsense comments from miles away! kaa middle east bila kusumbua. have you seen Ruto comment?

meanwhile, niggas need to leave that forest. asap. both the peasants and the bwenyenyes.