Three men who were enjoying their drinks at a popular Nyama Choma and drinking joint located at Kamakis along the Eastern By-Pass, will be lucky to celebrate their Valentines day with their mains, after being saved from a pack of pishori babes by a bar manager.

The trio had checked into Green Spot Gardens yesterday afternoon to unwind as they planned for the week ahead.

They imbibed rounds of cold swallows to cool their esophageal glands as a kilo of goat ribs and kienyeji chicken which they had ordered roasted metres away, in the characteristic setup of drinking spots found along the popular weekend getaway.

And as the rounds of frothy waters quadrupled on their table, they suddenly spotted three women seated a table from theirs and decided to invite them for a bite. Whether they were seated there before or not, none of the men could clearly recall. All that mattered to them was their presence at that very crucial moment.

Initially, the women pretended to be hesitant but one of the men quipped humorously Maitu, yumbukaga na kiria imeretie. (It flies with what it has swallowed)

That statement seemed to have worked the magic and the women giggled as they joined them in tearing away the marinated, juicy goat ribs and washed it down with rounds of drinks.

The men filled with boyish excitement enjoyed their new found company as hit song Wendo Wi Cama by popular Kikuyu musician Samidoh and Joyce Wamama rent the air, setting the mood for a happy ending.

Little did the men know that they had innocently invited a marauding pack of pishori babes whose intentions were not to have fun but to steal from them!

As the evening progressed, the ungrateful women laced the drinks with a stupefying substance and began wooing the men whispering that it was about time.

Luckily, the barman who was at the counter noticed the sudden turn of events as the three men appeared zombified all at once, prompting him to call our officers who responded immediately.

The women Hellen Wambui, 36, Irene Wairimu, 30 and Fidelis Wambui, 34 were
arrested and upon quick search, stupefying tablets were recovered from them. The suspects are currently in custody at Ruiru police station pending appearance in court.

That Barman at Green Spot should be invited to make welcoming remarks during tomorrow’s men’s conference. He saved 3 family men.

#FichuakwaDCI 0800 722 203.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D hizi sura bana

The three men must be talkers. Madem nimeona kwa hii forum ni same taste na hawa

Hahaha the narrator took me to the scene, I even ate the goat meat and now I am at the police station

Stupefying should be treated like attempted murder

Hawa wanakaa 40s sio 30s

Hiyo DoB ni za ukweli? They look 50+…

very good flow of words

Damn … enyewe wanawake uchapa faster design ingine noma … mbaya mbovu walai. Wanakaa ni kaa walizaliwa 19 giza na uko chini banae.

Kwani hizo dob ziko na errors ?

Hao wanaume pia ni mafala. Why engage strange women at a bar in this day and age?

unasema ivo ju hujawaona na makeups na wigs.

Hao pishori babes wamechapa design ya noma. Wanakaa walevi chakari

wananwake wakilala cell za Kenya, look like this in the morning.

Nonsense. Any experienced guy can tell a pishori woman from a mile away.

They all look the same with funny hairstyles and dressing code. Alafu 90% kuna venye wana-shrub shrub.

Besides that, there is a way they vibe and maintain intense eye contact with a mischievous look. They’re also very sexually suggestive so they can set up a trap for you.

Alafu wengi ni madwanzi. They cannot hold a good conversation that doesn’t feel forced.

Sio kitu ngumu kujua lakini shida wanaume wengi wanafikiria na abdalla.

This is a very hard case to prove, unless there is CCTV footage showing the ladies wakiweka dawa. Also there must be a govt chemists laboratory report proving that the chemical in their blood is similar to the said mchele. The ladies watasema jamaa walimeza mzinga wakalewa sio dawa. The ladies are innocent.

Those men wanted to eat mchele farmers, serves them right. Lakini hao majamaa wanafaa wapigwe na polisi sana, hizo ni nini sasa??

Wa pili yes hao wengne no

True…a while back nikiwa some joint i was drawn to a kamba yellow yellow sitting with another lady. As I am chatting up the kamba beste yake keeps chiming in with sexual suggestions. Out of the blue the friend suggested a 3 some. That was the cue I needed to abandon ship. Everything seemed too easy.

Jail the men too. Idiots deserve a beating.