Threat to national security....

lawyers in the house , and those of you well versed with the law. When the President declares corruption as a Threat to Nation Security, what changes in the approach in dealing with the threat ?

Some few years ago he called it a plague

This one is a threat to national security, constitutionally, what powers does he have when it comes to this ? @dingoo_wa_ingoo.

his reply will be MNATAKA NIFANYAJE WAJAMENI akiona ameshindwa

Didn’t he declare it a national disaster some time back?

Actually what he did in 2015 was to declare it a national security threat. @Kahuni Maisha

Now you have your answer

By the way, there is a worldwide imminent terrorist threat. I have never seen so many armed police in my local mall. Something is being anticipated, keep alert.

In law is there a difference between National Disaster and Threat to National security. Ama zote ni kitu moja ?

Janga la kitaifa na Tisho kwa usalama wa kitaifa

come again?

You still have hope in this guy? :smiley:
You deserve a medal for hope. Mimi I’m just waiting for him to bring mambo za referendum so that I can vote against it.


Stupid boy how you have short memory juzi tu you were singing uhurus praises licking his ass straight to the ballot. Afadhali people like @gashwin or @Nattydread who voted jubilee but come out to defend their leader or keep mum when he falters…You have no idea what loyalty means you luhya traitor always complaining chieth. Wewe ni kama panya imezaliwa na umbwa

baba wachana na matusi kwa siasa. You do realize that I never voted for jubilee like I told you nilipigia individuals. Sakaja And Theuri hawana iyo ufala ya ouru

people attain high degrees in looting more than they did before,It’s rocket science buddy,unambia mtoto 'nitachapa wewe ukiiba sukari",kid ends up stealing everything you’ve locked up

and they only alerted the popular local mall boy in town? oh my,what we are going to do?