thread kukojolewa

there was this thread put up by @Kigui of how his houseboy stole from him. I know he had put the thread in good faith but it turned homosexual in a couple of minutes:D:D:D
@Ken_Sarro came with the “brathe sasa akiinama unamchekingi rasa?”:D:D

that thread was just hilarious

sasa unataka tufanye?

Yes,amataka tufanye nini?

Allion ya muindi isilale kayole kijana wa mum.

@Kigui Ni confessed homosexual ghassia


Ni thread ya umatako.


When you hire good people, you respect them, you don’t look at them as sexual objects. I did not want to hire a woman as my house help simply because I could feel tempted. I hired a man because I tell him what to do and he gets it done.

Seniors hapa, do you Kula vifaranga yako?

Tall millipede everywhere. That wasn’t my comment

Chunishwa skuma bila kusumbua kijiji, [SIZE=1]closet mnyama[/SIZE]

Good song for the haters.

So is he really homosexual or what does it really means to anyone else out there ? Are you completely retarted or what ? Please do me make me some favor and we will completely outbid them no matter what and how. I want to understand you both.