Thot imejibiwa


Cut off ya Alpha Males ni 23 years, beyond that its just a ton of emotional baggage thats not worth the chase

Post walls don’t get it. Wanakasirika sana when they see men their age with females 10 years younger.

There’s a difference between a sprint and a marathon.

Hehehe let them swallow it, the way they look down upon boys their agemates while they are in their prime

Hehe, aliye juu mngojee chini!!

The mighty wall that is relentless and undefeated ,always humbles this women

[SIZE=6]MGTOW mashoga debating how they will spend valentine.[/SIZE]

Hehehe a very good example ni Vera Sidika. Ameshaanza mahubiri na motivational talks pale instagram

Vera is just some big ass with some questionable personality once guys get to know her. Look at her streak of bfs… Why did they all ondokea?

How’s your fat and bitter wife doing man?

Vera alikuwa anaringa na that ka tanzanian doc, kumbe jamaa alikua anaongeza tu mileage halafu aingie mitini…

The bitch is sterile thanks to countless abortions and P2s, sasa ameanza kuwa mhubiri…the wall is supreme, very very supreme. Don’t joke with the passage of time.

Ni moto ya kuotea from afar.

A man’s SMV steadily rises from 25 and peaks in his late 30s and early 40s. For women, everything falls apart after 26. That’s why your female agemates hate you, because you remind them of their decline…

:D:D:D Ati 25-30 which self respecting 50 year old man with money dates anything beyond 21?