those things that makes makes say WTF!!

Imagine taking your brand new Nissan murano to a car wash,meanwhile you decide to get a shave…just when you are being given a head massage, you get a call from the owner of the car wash requesting you to rush to the carwash…what you find is a crowd of people and your black Nissan murano in a crazy shape…a bike on its windscreen. A drunk dude by its side.its air bags launched …that’s OK till you remember you have a 3rd party insurance cover.

That’s what happened to a friend of mine this morning, he is looking for any insurance agent who he can backdate his insurance cover…or else get over 300k to repair the car…or sue the rider…or sue the carwash…WTF

Motorbike haina 3rd party?

Third party car insurance is for junk cars you are ready to risk on.

Insurance can never be revised backwards anywhere in the world.

If he can afford (kama siyo ya installments) a spanking brand new Nissan Murano, then he can afford to foot the repair bill. In case of a brand new car you always try to get comprehensive coverage and not third party.

Hii ndio shida ya kuwa na champagne dreams with a beer bottle budget. He was scrimping to save on something that he cannot afford and having the mentality that it can never happen to him (Thus the 3rd party). Pole kwake!

Hiyo line ya champagne dreams on a bottled beer budget… Wacha tu.

The devil is real! Pole kwake

He is trying to commit insurance fraud…advise him against it.He could be jailed for that and further more insurance given this days is real time

Bad news!!!

starehe gharama…
pole ndio tunapeana tu.
Gari mpya ni comprehensive however much expensive it is, afterall u can afford to raise alot for that car anyway

True!! The friend is going to suffer the consequences of stinginess, and backdating a policy is serious FRAUD that could land him in even more trouble.

Car loans , car loans, always buy something you can maintain.
Logic many will never get because of buying cars out of excitement and to show off.