Those Kikuyu traditional Kofias were copied from British Army hats.

Africans copied Europeans culture until they made it look like theirs. Those hats we’re copied from the wazungus.

which kofias?


Those hats were not copied from Europeans. They are common to Bantus all the way from Cameroon, CAR, DRC, every where that Bantus passed during their Great Migration dating back to the 11th Century.

They are called Issumbi, Thumbi, Izzumbi, ithumbi by various Bantus

Sometines fanyaga reasearch kidogo

well, right now everything African was copied from the colonizers.
We are copying even their skin color.

the colobus monkey hats ? we did have hats before the muzungu what I can say was copied was the mwomboko dance !

It’s the opposite. The European copied from African

There is nothing wrong in copying, if we copy things that can help us.
We should be trying to copy engines, weapons, IT tech and anything that we can lay our hands on shamelessly.

How can we invent our own engine type or improve if we cannot copy ??

Whites copied Bantus. As pointed out up there, different bantu languages have almost similar name for it. In addition to the list given by Ndindu, I will add Nthumbi

Wannabe Gikúyu! Just let it know nothing about the Gikúyu people and their culture.just be proud of your simian ancestry and drop that fabled name you post with. Ghaseer

Weka picha, such a comment needs an illustration