I know your brain can only process story za mapoko and Tumbolee worship. I post CONTENT sio populist upuss za kufurahisha watu. While youre thinking about clubbing and Sabina Joy,kuna watu hufikiria mambo serious. If you dont like what I post usinisumbue you know where the block button is.

As for you Deorro, I need to understand why you are merging my post about Ngilu being harassed by Tumbilee Government for saying No to deforestation being done in her county by Kiyuks from Kiambu to make charcoal to sell, in my posts in Religion Forum. If it is because I stood up to you when you were over stepping your boundaries bas kuja umerge hata hii.

Im asking you, if this forums are not for posting ama theres a quota of posts bas weka wazi , uwache kunisumbua. I will not allow you to bully me because am not pro Jubilee or because wewe ni staff member so unataka kuwa headboy kubulldoze. I will post the Ngilu Post back in Politics and if you delete/merge I will keep reposting sawa? You block me ukitaka forum ikuwe Pro Jubilee or toeing your line. Im not your employee my fren uniwekee masharti which are making no sense ati post ya Ngilu unapeleka Religion. Hapa sio Jubilee Forum where you can do abuse of office.

Nimekwambia kama wewe ni mwanaume stop being passive aggresive kupeleka my anti jubilee posts kwa religion, just go ahead and block me. Kwani unafikiria nitakufa? Upuss pelekea pipi!

I will keep merging them na hakuna kitu utado. Sooner you are the one who will give up and toe the line. You cannot post 7 threads at once and all with just youtube video links. Such peleka kwa status zako. That’s spamming and you are preventing members from viewing other meaningful threads. Ktalk is not about your boring life.

One day this @Kanyau will grow and do more harm than just a tap.

Fanya hivi, relax. Hasira kiasi hii inaeza fanya major blood vessels ku burst ndani ya mwili yako. Relax.

Mwathani !
:eek::eek: live wire 11Kv

wacha kusumbua Makena , ngombe wewe .

What is going on is a “powerful watchmen” kind of situation. Someone uses whatever opportunity they have to make a crude point. “Watajua mimi ni nani” way of thinking.

undo the calamity , you are about to go into a rack attack

@Deorro fanya kazi yako

Yenyewe hapo kwa 7 posts all with you tube links Makena ulinoa!!

Kuspam kijiji si poa, wengine wetu huingia kijiji after 3 days, so merging threads husaidia sana!!

Apart from that, uko sawa. Hapana tambua mungiki na Uhuruto:D:D:D

@Deorro ukisumbua my tribe mate and soon to be fuck mate tutakosana sana.

@Deorro You can post even 50. That is not spamming. If someone doesn’t like her content they can block her. I think is really silly and immature of you to detour her content to religion.

server haitajazwa na upuss ,should we call a division and vote ?

Why not just block her or click onto the next thread. You don’t have to read her content.

There is a reason why this section exists…


Otherwise if you don’t like the current setup then do this off the Ktalk Ship

I salute you son of avicii

Noma, huyo chali hajaambiwa powa lakini aiccept akimuvingi on.

Georgina elMatina is a mwanaume