Thor love and thunder , pure garbage

is pure bullshit. LGBTQRCHieth na feminist nonsense through out the movie.

bullshit story line , ni kama mtoi wa class 2 ndio aliandika script. i know ktalk homos kina @skylerz @Sovereign2 @Buckets @Bottoms @Aka mpole @Smith_ will praise it . but talkers dont waste your time and money to go to the Cinema to watch this WOKE nonsense .

contradiction all over the movie and stale jokes kama zile za @MBOMB .

Kama kawaida peasants tutangoja web-dl version tudownload.

Mimi siwaste time yangu na izi vitu siku izi. As far as am concerned, Marvel movies ended with Endgame. Niko za @Wanaruona watching classics and binging goat series. About to binge me The Sopranos.

Meanwhile, pale kwa Better Call Saul naona ni kama Kim na Saul wamebreak up

wacha kuchoma banaaaa

After kucheki Eternal (nusu) nili sare movie za marvel kwa saa hii niku binge watch 2010 movies and before.Marvel went to the dogs.

The movie dropped its audience by 60+% in the second week. Inakaa alot of omusungu wameanza kuchoka with Disney feminazi and LGBTQ chieth in their movies.
The samething also happened to Dr strange 2. This is becoming a trend in Disney movies.

@uwesmake post hii manure huko IMDB. Don’t care for action movies this much.

Umeona everything everywhere all at once? 10/10
Best movie of the decade so far.

They did multiverse better than MCU.

Watching it next weekend nilete reviews we ghaseer

Why do you always tag me on your gay shit? I’m not a f*&&ot like you dude. Bomolewa bila lube pole pole bila kunimention. A$$h*le panya. Tuko lanes tofauti; yes! I said it.

Of the decade? No. Better than Dunkirk for example? It’s alright… like 6.5 or 7. Mostly 6.5 because I thought it dragged for too long.

I mean in the 2020s.

He’s craving for attention like a bitch that he is. maybe it’s a she i am not even sure. The number of times he likes mentioning gay nonsense makes me think he’s gay.

I have seen the movie and its not good. The only great thing about it is Christian Bale who brought his A game. Taika went all in with poor jokes and poor plots which turned people off, not the woke stuff. In the US and UK feminism and LGBTQ stuff is really Championed so that’s a win for them.Sai kuna movement ya ku insert The LGBTQ community in Star Wars because they want representation. The reason top gun maverick is the best film of the year to me is because it didn’t have any of that and that’s thanks to Tom Cruise control over Paramount Pictures

Just seen Jane foster can now wield the Mjollnir. I’m going to watch the movie just to see how far Disney has gone this time with the rainbow agenda.

@administrator unda spoiler tag or something.

As said earlier bonobo peasants refreshing YTS tukingoja msito Maverick