Thome is among the estates in Nairobi which have not lost glory.. No highrise buildings all over. Mtaa ya old money

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Haka ka old money milf, see how she’s hold hizo ndizi

Lately i have been chewing these old money kiambu milfs bila huruma…so many of them are recovering addicts coming back from UK/ US and Australia…single mothers tupu…mkitaka connection ongeeni vizuri


This won’t last for long. There’s not a single organized city in the whole republic. You go to Namibia (and they have Windhoek, Walvis Bay, Swakopmund), Cape Verde (Mindalo etc), S.A (Cape Town), Morocco (Ceuta etc), Ghana (Takoradi, Accra) and they all have a few organized and well-planned cities.

Kenyans have failed at planning catastrophically and the country will turn into one big slum. Expecting a Kenyan to plan a city is like waiting for a fish to climb a tree. Hawawezi kabisa. The part of the brain that seems to drive urban planning and build functioning systems is bereft of tugeges. Ni kama kulikuwa na outbreak fulani apo ya upumbavu.


Kenya has very detailed urban planning laws lakini vitu kwa ground ni different.

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