Thomas Cook

One of the oldest tour firm in the world is said to have collapsed.
Sometimes big investments can frustrate when it comes to managing.

They refused to change with the times.
ION, nourahaicuo ngomongo ino?

adapt or die. ask nokia. it is now back to hustling phones in the streets down from its corner office.

This was inevitable. We book our travels, insurance, accommodation online.


Huko ndiyo ulipeleka @kahuhu valentine’s Day

That is one descent man ,just like me

Kimakia did you see the top fat dogs walked away with 50 million pound packages for themselves and left millions of travellers stranded…and no this is not a BREXIT matter…

'Dreams have been crushed': wedding in ruins as Thomas Cook collapses | Thomas Cook | The Guardian

So it does not happen in KE alone.Good thing about that case is that they will be followed or sued to their last penny

No not just in KE…but they will be fuatwod…kuna huyu mwivi mkuu an owner of the top retail shops like Top Man which just declared losses of about 506m not sure…but we want him down and out and stripped of his Knighthood. He lives in Monaco ndio asilipe taxes…parties on his yacht like it is the 4th of July everyday with kina Kate Moss and Rihanna while laying off his ordinary staff…

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