For the last few months, disgruntled Zimbabweans have been protesting against Mugabe regime. This week university students are on the streets.
Arent these the same people who were celebrating when all the mzungu were being ejected only for their own people to ferk wananchi harder than the mzungu was doing.

This reminds me of our own story right here in Kenya. The elitist kin of couchwaru aka eye shiners like Eliud Mahi, Gethi, Kenyatta did the same to us right after independence. Same script different setting.

Sasa, what ua advice ?? tuhamie wapi ?


the oppressed become worse oppressors …

Na wewe ukijifanya inspector WA polisi,ulikuwa Elitist?


Ni observation. Na mentality kama hii tutasaidika kweli? uko kama ng’ombe

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Umejua aje,umeniona na mukamo ?? brare !!

Kufirwa lazima raiya ifirwe. Obama Clinton and Trump are busy lubeing up for another round ya mfirano