This year is harsh to my fellow birrioneas

Within a span of two weeks, three fellow tycoons, Kirubi, Patel Mansukh and Merali have left us. It’s a bad year for us moneyed folks. May God have mercy on us.


Hahaha, tie goons wacha wapumzike

chief you’ve done enough for society. The xxxxx foundation has helped a lot of kids from needy families. Chief their prayers is enough to keep you going…

This is the ad that came to your thread. Enyewe Dr. Google is one hell of a smart chap.

He really eats dirty

Amen brother

Anza kufindisha kijana how to run your business before you join your fellow mbirrionaires.

I will do so

Shifo the wannabe…you will get there pole pole, we understand you. We’ve been there. I remember before I started my construction firm in 2011, nlikuwa najiita CEO/MD. …hasa kwa business card…yet sikuwa na office…ilikuwa inanipea motivation saidi…so relax the mbirrions will come your way

Where are you based?

Nairobi town.

That’s good. I have the feeling you did BTec in UoN and started your trade immediately after graduation

…Am sure if I say the program I pursued. …Kuna ghaseer zitanijua kwa hii kijiji especially those who were in the same school.

Hehehe. Nyamazia then

You do build houses?

Kwa hivyo ulifanya Arch


Wewe ni jamaa wa ADD?

if you in construction industry then that old guy knows you. probably he has given you some gigs