This world is not our home..


The population must be halved banaa for proper resource redistribution to happen.

Scientists should find a way to have the corona virus infect and decimate the locusts very fast.
Biological control is always recognized as the best environmental friendly way to eliminate pests.

Nop. Nature has its own checks and balances. If there are no pests and virus the resources available will not be enough to sustain human population, because of human greed. Nature is superior.

And the sun is shining hotter and hotter. You wonder if we will be here in 2040

Sawa Thanos



Thanos the Great.

Coronaviruses are common. They cause mild respiratory symptoms of cough, fever and malaise. It has a low mortality rate of about 4%. So why is the media flipping out like this?? Unless there is something peculiar about this new strain that China is hiding from the world.

Una ung’ombe hadi 2020???