This woman is ugly

I wonder why this kalejinga nigga proposed to her.

Huyo dem ata kama ni women rep ni dem sura kiatu sana kama @Sura Ngumu

Sio body ati ako nayo poa. Anakaa ata kutoa mavitu za white kwa coomer akipigwa stick. I’d rather smash @TrumanCapote than this Toto sura mbaya. Look how she is hugging the nigga as if anaogopa. What is really wrong with some men?

But if someone points a gun to your head and told you to choose between her na ule mtoto WA Nabii, who would you go for? I would go for her because maybe pesa inaweza muosha. But mtoto WA Nabii, hiyo hata pesa imekataa kumuosha

Huyo mtoi wa zakayo na huyu wako ligi moja. I’d rather take the bullet than desecrate myself.

Kuwasha usioila inakupilipili nini

:D:D:D:D. But ule wa zakayo, ako na wig moja despite the money

Panay, at times you have to look at women from this angle…hii ni mbesha. Wewe unaona tako la toto. Hapo Kuna tender na connection za county.


Lakini nini husumbua watu kama @Baby Panay? hating on watu hawakujui?

:smiley: why the bile though? Yaani madem kiatu wanakugas Ivo?

hizi vtu hukua nn?
wetness or nah?

Kinuthia atawezana na steeplechase marathon ?


What don’t you understand? the man has married the position and the salary that the nominated lady is getting.

Did you know that this boyfriend/fiancee is actually on the payroll because of her. This one has been accused of the worst nepotism of all officials who got into power this last election… she has about 6 or 7 family members employed and one of them is this man who proposed to her.

The fool here is the man.Toto doesn’t want a man who is a beggar.she wants a sperm donor who doesn’t depend on her like Karen nyamu did to samidoh…then you Can imagine one time he will be late at a political rally another time in Brazil another time at statehouse…she won’t have time for that stupid man.

Wakale ni kama walinyimwa urembo kabisa. They have really bad genes. Dem mkale typical anakuanga mkonde, mweusi, sura mbaya na hana matako.

Hawa wanapata ball ukiingia mkia

I’ve only a met few actually pretty kalenjin women (nearly all Kipsigis, but one Nandi who was truly beautiful if you like exotic features). The one thing I know from experience is the eldest daughter in many Kalenjin women will try extreme skin lightening to the point she looks like she doesn’t belong with the rest of the family… I’ve seen this with more than one eldest daughter, they have the same primitive gene that Congolese women have where they’ll skin lighten to the point they start resembling Micheal Jackson

I have to agree on this. But kuna subtribe ya wakipsigis my friend iko na wasupa wengine hatari sana brown. But wanandi na the rest ni taabu tu.

:D:D:DI can confirm nabii jambas na Ivanka Quickmart were just chilling sipping a gourd of mursik meno yote nje hawakujua a career ending tackle was coming their way.

:D:DNa mjue snipers wako tao.

Taniua sasa. When did we take a detour from Toto to visit zakayo?

Infection mostly. Vaginal discharge should be colourless and odourless.