This will make you very angry, I say!


Upusss, boarding teaches kids to be resilient

Niliwatch hio clip nikajiambia huyo mtoi ndio atakuwa na the last laugh.
Let that kid grow halafu a corner huyo mwalimu usiku kwa a lonely chochoro or sahile maindi imefunikwa na maindi…huyo mwalimu atapenda.

Seems like a smart kid who needs a real teacher. hata kama ni kiboko this is excessive, maybe corporal punishment was banned because bonobo software 2.0 inajua tu kichapo cha mbwa.

Hapa hakuna kuchapwa iko. Kama ulipitia Makutano A.I.C in Mwala you are a living testimony ya a thorough beating. That is why unaona mtoi siku izi anakung’orea live na anakushow hakuna kitu utafanya. Ati anajua rights zake? I believe hio beating moulded myself and others towards facing various hardships and situations in life.

It’'s always the guys that didn’t attend boarding school demonizing them. Almost like they realize they missed out on something and are now trying to cope…

Most chickened out because they missed their mommy and now can’t stand up to their wives

Can’t you post without screaming like a banshee? You and @Berlin Oxford must be absolutely massive cretins in real life

So many of those ‘men’ on here:D:D

:D:D:D:D please explain. Kukula githeri daily na kuoga maji baridi? Ive seen kids who’ve never seen a classroom survive the streets better than most.
Parents teach,wale wameshindwa na wa kwao ndo wanawatuma boarding,ok saa ingine pesa pia but thats besides the point. Maisha ya kawaida pia inasaidia.

I went to boarding school but I didn’t like the experience. It’s a miniature version of jail

Kid in boarding is cut off from his parents and has to adopt a new system of governance, it’s doesn’t apply to all but a good number handle their stuff well in different environs.

As did I, nobody truly likes boarding but later in life I never had an issue accepting far flung assignments