This website is dead. Threads being deleted willy nilly.

Moderator @uwesmake kwani huna kazi ya kufanya? Mkiwa na electronics.

Si mseme tuwapatie kazi. Everyone in Kenya knows about Masten Wanjala and that he is a Bukusu Luhya from Kamkuywa Kimilili. You cannot change that reality.

This vampire is a Bukusu. Those are solid facts! You cannot change facts.

From what I am sensing, I think @uwesmake is related to this individual.




Uwesmakende ako Yunares stets akifanya PhD

With each passing day, I am convinced that Miguna Miguna is a Ktalker, and you @patco are him.

Don’t be a bonobo. Everyone knows that miguna is your kassin, nyamgondho.

Patco bottom feeder chieth maduong



See what? Your foreskin?

Now that is ga.y.

Stop please stop undermining miguna miguna’s cognative skills

Thread za butto malizeni hii ghaseer

small penis is worse though… sources indicate we huinua hako ka micropenis na toothpick when peeing. and the reason you mad is because you cant hold an erection

if you tie a brick to it, it might grow 2cm



@patco seek medical help. You may be suffering from anti social behaviour.

@patco nyamazisha