This was Railas downfall, trivialize God and God akacheza kiyeye

My Unpopular opinion

I don’t have an issue with Raila saying Christianity is dominant in Kenya but I have a very big issue when he calls it “Kasumba” English translation “brainwash” and that he will deal with the influence of Christianity once elected as President.
What possible measures will he take to check the influence of Christianity in Kenya?
No propagation of faith?.. No evangelism! ?No missionaries? …no crusades.?..close small churches as IDA Odinga said. ?
Why antagonize Christianity this much?
What’s your take on this?


Now we have Shakahola and Shakahola annex pale SH. Religion also needs regulation to protect the citizens from rogue preachers who starve the faithful to death or swindle them with panda mbegu 310 scams.


i find people who 1)act like they have GOD

in their corner 2) Purport to speak on behalf of God 3)Talk offense when God is “insulted” as totally naïve and stupid


why dwell on the unlikely unless just as an exercise of caution


This has nothing to do with shakahola he touched on God saying he will bring him down to the level of other God’s see

Sisi wakisii turikuwa tunapigia Raira Kura rakini sasa tomesoka na yieye hatowesi kumupigia tena gaaki mogaka


But isn’t it brainwashing when someone convinces you a snake can talk? That food can fall from the sky?


Kuna elder alisema kuamini mtu inabidii akue kwanza alafu aku peleke hell akufufue ndio aku punish(something along those lines) ni upus…i believe in God but the God who believes every human is equal on earth and no one should suffer to get the basics… Izo zingine ni brainwashing FYI JSKS is a Bible thumping born again Christian…ponder on that for a second😁

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There is no god idiot

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