This Video Makes It Seem Like It Is 2002 and 2027 All At The Same Time. RUTO & Co. Walijikaanaga

The Ire will only get worse as time progresses. ANTI MOI SONGS NOW BEING USED ON RUTO. UNBWOGABBLE!


uhu-ruto was a mistake


Any one who served under Moi should be retired

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Umbwaaa. Mtajifunza kuheshimu marehemu Mzee Moi. Meffi nyinyi…

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Please Explain 20marks?

Moi was Meffi . Even after 24yrs in power the region where he comes from is still under the firm grip of bandits like yourself.


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22 years after he left office, our grip has become even tighter our territory expanded. As of this moment; my boys are grazing their animals overlooking the Kerio Valley. Having pushed the Marakwet and Tugen all the way back to the valley. All the while a multi agency security team backed by KDF are purportedly there. But can’t do fuck all about it. Enough times; they have had to rely on us to get them out of a tight spot when cornered by rustler warriors. Not just this government… but successive governments… relying on a single family to negotiate a safe passage for its troops within its own borders. Mnafaa kuniheshimu sana … bloody nugus

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You overestimate your importance

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Umbwa mitoto ya mwizi uheshimiwe na nani?