This Video is interesting sana

His always on full tilt for dominance which ain bad problem he lacks intelligence[ATTACH]102317[/ATTACH]

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Boss, nothing is real unless you witness it yourself first hand, and even then you maybe drunk.

hauwezi jua game gani mi huamka na different results na vile nimedoze especially la liga[ATTACH]102318[/ATTACH]

that video was fake as soon as I saw it…Trump ako poa, you guys shouldn’t believe all that you read on media




Its not real…Look at the sleeves.

Trump is the least respected American president in my lifetime.


:D:D:D.funniest clip from this man. Hawa video editors watamalisa sisi.

true, he does not tow the line like his predecessors. he is trying to make things work for the better, lakini their corporates with the selfish agendas are fighting him hard!

Corporates like Republicans since they favor tax breaks for the rich and reduction in regulations and do not give a fuck about climate change and the environment. Corporates hated Obama more due to his EPA regulations.

Trump has shown he is not deviating from these Republican ideals


Lie. Trying to repeal to every law made by his predecessor only makes him look like an idiot. Obama care? Climate change?

:D:D:D:D:D:Dlook like trump alikua na nia ya kukamua pope

Ni kama tukutane na wewe ujaribu kunisalimia.

You were born after George W Bush reign?

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But obamacare was a disaster even Clinton admitted to it!

Lets give him time…he just might indo all those ferkups…otherwise i do not understand why they are all against him. He must be doing something right!