This time round, Kiuks will be the laughing stock aka watermelons!

Si niliwashow vile kunaendanga. Just how they described it … script for script.

We in Mt Kenya are 100% behind Baba, The 5th.



I.will not vote,noop I will not participate in fraud and that is my right


Which anti Ruto thieves? Shouting where? I put up a post here the other day about Mwikali from Kiuusini whose body was collected in Tsavo last year, who shouted about that? Ama because it is Kikuyus now some Mt Kenya person you call anti Ruto thieves (whatever that is) should shout? Did you ever sit and talk to a Samburu Warrior or a Maasai Warrior and hear what he had to say about grazing rights ama you just dont care?

This is the most educative thread you can post. Kijana, for heavens sake, whatever log you are fucking please use a condom. We dont want another disaster in the future

You are very stupid trying to divert attention to other issues. Nyinyi mablogger wa Arap Mwizi tunawaonea 18! First, you copied my post word for word in a fake post to make it seem like I plagiarised…hehe…all your facts fall flat:

  1. I made my post at 6.10 pm and exactly 7 minutes later, you were here purpoting that I had lifted the content from your fake account, which had supposedly been screenshot 23 minutes after it was posted, meaning at 5.54 pm…na hope tumeelewana mpaka hapo wewe kichwa maji…sasa wewe kichwa maji hujui kudanganya because here I attach the original tweet which you screenshot and the whole world can see that it was posted at 6.46 pm on Sept 10. Sasa not unless mimi ni prophet, who copied who jinga hii…
    Evidence ndio hii…

But it is very good to note that I am making the Arap Mwizi bloggers jittery.

I see a lot of fools spewing nonsense in this thread


Tunakutambua wewe chief blogger wa ‘you-kno-who’…