This time round, Kiuks will be the laughing stock aka watermelons!

Mafala hata hawawezi gain some insight from the butchering of their kin in Laikipia. Wako tu Kumera! Kumera! and Thuraku! Thuraku! for their supposed ‘saviour’ who will soon maul them to pieces! 2022 loading…Kiuks are the new watermelons FYI!

For those wise enough to fill in the gaps for themselves, kindly take your time and put your two and two together after reading/watching the following:

The Question of the M16 rifles:

Probable source/lead:

Another clue:

The writing is on the wall.

Museveni is a permanent friend of the mountain. He is concerned about General Tito Okello’s brother being president in kenya. Nothing more.

What makes you think that’s bad?
Anything that will make them grow some medula oblangata is welcome…
Hata kama itachukua miaka hamsini.

The use of fear mongering against the chief hustler to win votes for your candidate Ojinga wont work this time. Its a stupid strategy. Try something else

There’s some info that the GoK shot their’s from an army helicopter and the tiaty pokoy are seeking their cows. GoK caused the problem, now let’s watch for their solution.

We in Mt Kenya are 100% behind Baba The 5th.

Won’t say much…


That will take him to ICC again…this is a gvt project

That was fast, sivyo @SatEnthusiast :D:D
So continue your verbal diarrhea about Ruto funda hii,if u av to throw propaganda atleast be creative n come up with ur own. Ngitey

Enyewe hustla has confused even the very elight from mt Kenya.
Uhuru and Ruto are in the current govt,they should quell the violence being witnessed in Laikipia.
But mTharaka kama wewe unaona tu Ruto anaonewa…what has he done about…what will he do when such violence arise should he be elected as the president.Konyagi saa hii can choose to take action or not but Ruto should use this opportunity to show leadership sio crying victim kila wakati.
mTharaka umeniudhii sana

Sahii mpaka a chokosh ana threat a mt Kenya voter, you are this desparate, matako nyinyi.

This laikipia violence is deliberately being let to go on for political reasons.

If there was even the slightest evidence that Ruto had anything to do with it, the anti Ruto thieves would be shouting about it from the rooftops.

For the mountain folks, anything that would help that hate on Raira is welcome, hata kama ni mtu mwenye alichoma watu wao in Molo, Eldoret or in Laikipia. That is what the aoth their fathers took has done to them.

First things first, ni elite sio elight. 2. Mimi hapana mtharaka, not everyone from T/nithi county is a mtharaka kuna the Chuka,the mwimbi, muthambi etal. Back to your rant,I thought the deep state alienated Ruto n gave the captaincy to Matiangi, kama mnanyanganya DP security yake atawezaje kusaidia laikipia? Pelekeni serikali vile mnataka mkisaidiwa na muguruki lakini from 2022 mtatii…

Sawa nakubali ni elite
2ndly inakaa wewe you are from Mwinji tribe
3rdly Ata kama.Ruto was alienated,he should take advantage.of the situation and try to help so that all and sundry can see govt through Matiang’i is as impotent as @Abba .Some effort from him to quell the violence should be seen.
Lakini you are a good forexampo of the stupid youth who are punishing Konyagi by voting in yet another thug

kama hii ghasia rafiki yangu hapo chini…inaitwa @Oxygen

And you are a good forexample of fools who want to reward konyagis dumbness and betrayal by voting in baba, right?

This is evidence of GOK laying that there is a security operations going on in laikipia. For whatever reason those in power have decided to let it go on. Most probably they had a hand in starting it

Hebu semeni "M-16 variant ( Norinco Type CQ M311/5.56) " pamoja kaa choir. Hizi vitu zinakuwa produced hapa N.Sudan.