This thing is real majamaa

He was taken ill at 10am rushed to hospital and immediately put on oxygen and transferred to Nyeri PGH, by midnight he was no more!


It has been real all along. I know because I had the variant that was first detected in South Africa

Hizi wave naona ni kama ziko well calculated and executed. Some people predicted doom for us in the first wave.

This is sad! Covid-19 feels like hearsay until you test positive or lose a close friend/family. I am glad to have survived it. Made me extra-cautious in an effort to prevent re-infection.

Wacha niitwe conspiracy theorist but venye naona, Bill Gates amd gang were heavily disappointed the first variant did not have much effect. Wakaamua kuongeza royco na arromat and everything ndani, still, sioni mob yakifanyika

I won’t be surprised if we end up with a variant that has no vaccines.

KuRUNA ISSAAA SCAAM! Thank you very much for coming to my pep talk.


Very sad, mhsrip.

A miracle happened yesterday… Wacha niache tu hapo as I’m overwhelmed and I know some of my fam are here staki kuji dox. But all in all Asante mungu.
Pole to the bereaved

You can imagine considering how smart people are on ktalk and they say this thing is faux.

Just imagine it’s the same energy pale MoH ama state house Uhunye akipatiwa briefing.

One year down the line all we have to show for it is a failed referendum , a mega corruption scandal, MCA with grants for cars and Fuck all. One year to do something but Bonobo ni Bonobo.

He was put on oxygen, alitibiwa ile ugonjwa alikua nayo? Kuna tests zilifanywa kwa lab vile huwa tunafanyiwa tukienda hosi? Yaani sa ii ugonjwa zote dawa ni kuwekwa kwa oxygen?
Endeleeni na io ufala mtakufa muishe

Before you get admitted to any hospital lazima upimwe covid…

Tombwa polepole utulie uwache mdomo mingi, ile siku itakupata imix na Hiyo strain ya syphilis uko nayo utakua unavalia mask hata juu ya Hizo diapers Ghaseer.

Meaning ukipatikana positive story ya kutibiwa inaishia hapo. Ni oxygen tu unapewa, lazima mgonjwa kama huyo akufe

Stop reasoning like fool… oxygen is administered to persons with breathing problems. Some of the patients show up struggling to breath.

Kwani alikuwa na ugonjwa gani? Unless uko ni superman can one survive bila oxygen, mwanetu? Oxygen huwa inaingilia wapi ifike kwa damu? Unajua severe covid pneumonia ni kama tu kuwekwa kamba au kitanzi hapo kwa shingo? Mtu anakuja kama amenyongwa, ako hapo tu lakini kamba haiko kwa shingo. Iko kwa mapavu. Mtu ako na kitanzi, saa hiyo. Sawa tibu diabetes lakini oxygen haiwezi kuingia kwa damu bana. If your lungs change in to this:

and you also have diabetes, will treating the diabetes change your lungs back to normal? Meanwhile how will the person get oxygen into his blood? Covid ni kitanzi, boss.

Covid hainitishi mimi but am being careful.

Yep it’s sad.
Lost two neighbors in the last 2 weeks.

That is why you had to take Ruto’s picture to express how you are overwhelmed being alive. Don’t worry you live to fight another day, your stepson still loves you as well

I tested positive on Saturday, luckily, I have a separate home from my family so that is where I will be for the next 4-6weeks. On Sunday, I had all employees tested and none is positive except three who refused to be tested and had them sent on leave.

I do not need oxygen the only problem I have is nosal congestion and producing some yellow mucus from one nostril. I am sleeping well, though juzi I did sweat alot usiku but fairy, I feel okay.

My doctor says I should keep my normal active routine and work-out as usual. I have received the 1st dose, expecting the other next week.

So yes it is very real and this is the second time am testing positive after June 2020.

So keep yourself safe.