This Talker is upping the tempo. Very soon we are gonna loose him kabisaa!


Which talker is this ?

He’s right you know


A friend of his (a talker) was dispatched there recently. Things might be looking better as the two were spotted walking on Myrtle Beach

:D:D:D kwani anaishi Kwa Dust bin

Hata sewer pit ataishi tu as long as Trump amwambie

:D:D:D kama hio ndio mancave yake…yeye na panya have a lot in common. Huyo ni @patco I suppose…

@Swansea and @Mangele are trying to keep up.



Mzee ng’eng’ana na mkate. We know Biden feeds your ass hapo Busia.


:D:D:D:D hii ni njaa ama ni uharibifu wa chakula

Mluhya ni tumbo. :smiley:

Mdau si lakini unajua vizuri zetu ni hizi.