There are two types of people in this world.
The woke, who see the world for what it is, who are tired and want all this to end and at the same time joyful because we see everthing thats going on and we know that the son of righteousness is soon to return and will overthrow this satanic government which will be burned down with ferverent heat, and on the other hand we have the carnal minded, who engage in this rat race matrix called life with all their might, worshipping money, brands, and aiming to climb up the corporate ladder and sadly aggresively going to take all three jabs of the covid vaccine which is essentially poison. Not giving a thought to Bill Gates who is the same person advocating for depopulation and is the same guy advocating for vaccination. Alright. Warn as many as you can, from family friends, and colleagues. Remember you cant change anyone, just plant seeds.

You can identify the second category in the public, for they wear their masks all the way to their obicularis which is just under the eye yet they are alone in the car, sanitize every 5 mins yet they go home to their spouse and children and engage in every physical activity known and act like they havent used 5 litres of sanitizer a couple of hours ago. Sadly they comprise of the majority of the population. We that are detatched from this system know that this pandemic has something deeper than what meets the eye, which is to collapse businesses, restrict our freedoms which is all paving way for a one world government. one world religion, then the introduction of the antichrist.

My people you cannot say that you dont know that the end is near unless you have been living under a rock. Each day I step out the house I ask myself which chapter of Revelations we are experiencing today.

They asked Him, when will the end come? He turns, then gives them a list of what must happen.
There will be wars!
There will be famines!
There will be sickness!
This gospel of the kingdom will be preached to all the world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

When the whole world finally knows the truth, and they still reject it? That’s it. Thats the end. God will have had enough. Jesus and His angelic armies will be at the door because God’s patience will have run out.
I find it astoundishing that Paul said that time was near and in his day the gospel had only reached Jerusalem and Asia minor. But today the Gospel has reached approximately the whole world. And what does it mean to accept. According to the dictionary, accept means to consent or to undertake.

Lets take alook at what Peter said about the state of the world Above all you must understand, in the last days there will be scoffers. They will say: Where is this “coming” he promised? Ever since our ancestors died everything has been going on since the beginning since the creation. Don’t you know that in the Lord’s eyes a day is like 1000 years and 1000 years is like a day. Which means to Him it may be like 2 days since His son died for us.

God is likened to as a good father, and a good father has rules. Rules that are made not to be a kill joy but to keep you from destuction. Dont do this, dont do that, you were told as a kid. I’ll give a simple example for you to understand how God works. Some were told not to engage with certain company when you were young, that they were bad for you. And your rebellious nature thought" Ah, huyu mzae/mathe ananikazia whatever whatever what does she know, I’m going to hang with them anyway. Little do you know that once, your father saw a member of your friend group stealing somewhere na akajua its only a matter of time before he gets killed and woe unto you if you are found with him. So the same way wazazi huona mbali is the same way our Father does. Only that He sees infinitely further. An example is when He tells you not to be promiscuous you think that God is putting a wet blanket over your fire preventing you from having fun. He is preventing you from things like soul ties in he spiritual realm that you cant see. Soe of you you find out that Look, If only you could see the negative spirits people are carrying out here I promise you will go for a castration immediately!

Lastly this is to the believers, our Lord is returning for us His bride as you can already sense it and see all whats happening all over the world. Stay strong, battle that sin you are struggling with with the whole armour of God. If you are struggling with sexual sin, fast for 3 days and be on nothing but water. The bible says no ear has heard and no eye has seen what the Lord has prepared for those that love Him.

When you see a cloud rising in the west, immediately you say, ‘It’s going to rain,’ and it does. And when the south wind blows, you say, ‘It’s going to be hot,’ and it is. Hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is it that you don’t know how to interpret this present time? Luke 12: 54-56.

Word !!


Very sad that this is your line of thought


It’s such readings that realign me from the dark route. I know i am not a righteous person, but i try as much as possible to repent on daily basis about my shortcomings.

but by the end of the day.
if the second type/group isn’t there, the first type/group would be in vain.
the first group needs the second group to ascertain their faith and know that the end is near and everything they believe in and is recorded is true.

whether we like it or not, there will be people who were DESTINED to go to Heaven and others to Hell.
can’t have Heaven without Hell and the First group without the second group.

somebody has to be the false prophet, the killer, rapist, the one to bring on destructions/pandemics (akina Gates)

if we all believe and become the first group, then everything we would be believing in becomes Null and Void.

for those in the first group/type, just hope and pray that you make it to the end and you won’t waver in-between. the road is getting narrow, lonely, hilly, full of thorns, tears, grief, hopelessness…

Lord always forgive me even on things i type and search on the internet. I am not a righteous man but may His mercy outway His patience on me till i learn how to mature spiritually and walk in one with Christ

Amen brother. Keep on preaching. I am not exactly a good guy but I know and believe that this is the truth. I will repent my sins soon and be a good person.

Wars, famines and sickness have been with us since time immemorial. So why are they suddenly an indicator of “the end times” ? The Christian apocalypse is very strange, it is always looming around the corner but never quite arrives.

During the Buboni Plague in 1347, over 200M people died. Am sure Christians were saying, “Man, this is it! The end of the world is here!”
During World war II in the 1940s, over 50M people died. Am sure Christians were saying, “Man, this is it! The end of the world is here!”
During the Great Leap Foward famine of 1959, over 15M people died. Am sure Christians were saying, “Man, this is it! The end of the world is here!”

You will keep waiting for the end of the world until you die. The only time the world will end (for us at least) is after climate change makes the earth uninhabitable. The only time the world will truly end is after the sun expands and burns it in about 1 billion years from now.

Covid 19 does not have a high mortality rate but the way it has fucked things up is amusing govts are using it to spread their own propaganda.Kama uko kwa civil service you either get the jab or get fired hapa ndio enterpreneurs watakua lucky.