This summertime heat is cooking up their brains


But if he was black tho…

He would be at a mortician’s table getting embalmed. I laugh when people say there is no open racism in Trumpistan.

Never lay your hands on anyone guilty of murder. Never have anything to do with anyone guilty of murder.

Remember last year kuna boy karibu apigwe risasi ju D material iliona “bunduki”,kumbe ni tarimbo:D:D:D:D:D:D .Sa niambie angekua uchi kama hii mzungu angekula bullet 100 ju ya “threatening officers with a concealed weapon”

Hawa wazungu hupiga drugs zingine wazimu…makes weed look like water.

hehehe! wamekuja mpaka na armoured vehicle! Halafu mpaka doggy ya makarao ianogopa kum tackle :smiley:

How are foreigners (sudis & somalis) handled by police out here, visa vis locals?

Why is @pamba running away from the naked man? Ama anaogopa kupigwa stick ya haga

If you want to seat here and try to compare those 2 then you are not informed enough. You have ways to go.

Tungekua tunadiscuss other issues coz kichungi ingekua imepewa family yake

There’s a reason why these brutal murderers are not killed on the spot. Detectives want to learn about there thinking patterns to solve future murders.

I think in this case it’s very clear he has no concealed weapon, so shooting him is out of question.
I wonder why they didn’t use a teaser on him though, could be for sure because of his colour, they didn’t view him as a threat.

Sawa baba

dunia wiki hii