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Please post for me Steph
My name is Natasha i am 23 years old.What started off as a friendship with this kisii man turned out into an affair in circumstances I could do nothing about.The man is 40 he swayed me with gifts and an expensive lifestyle mimi nikaingia box given that I’ve never experienced anything like that.He always claimed he is single and stuff like that mind you hajawai nipeleka kwake Runda.I have been to his business premises several times lakini hata hizo Alipunguza.
We have been on and off for almost two years now we even go for months without talking but he usually finds a way to return.
So here is the thing.I come from a very strict Christian background.My dad is the toughest man I know and he is always lecturing me nisilete aibu nyumbani.The type that even though someone fucked me with a condom I’d still take p2 kuhakikisha hakuna possibility ya mimba.Siwezi dhubutu ata kuenda out na mabeshte nichelewe ju itakua Vita.
So we’ve been so idle during quarantine and this man pops up.We start chatting and even arrange to meet.Things happened and we had unprotected sex.
I immediately went ahead and took p2 but vomited after about an hour.
The next day,I repeated the p2(different brand) and since then i have been experiencing various things from fatigue, headaches, crazy abdominal pains and my boobs are feeling sore.Vile mathe ananitupia macho najishuku tu.
So here I am five days later wondering if the p2 worked or not.Am tensed I must say but bado sijapimwa ball.
So here I am wondering,if the pg results turn positive,how do I break the news to the man responsible?will he even accept responsibility given that we’ve been on and off and also given that he might be having another family which I have never met or know nothing about?
How should I tell my tough parents and what should I expect?
Mature advice please

Seek advice from Timmy T dat, right now all Kijiji errand boys have been sent out to fish out boysclub members

What would diamond platnumz do

Akuwe tayari kuzaa. Hiyo mbegû ni Ile Kali haiwezi tolewa na P2

Kunywa very strong tea itatoka.