This shakes the cooning Patcos to their core

Gary Chambers

Post meant for @patco but I’ll steal a crack at it before he comes round.

If the man is not running as republican yeye ni discombobulated kumbaff, who suffers from incurable cognitive dissonance:

[SIZE=6]Democrats & Jim Crow: A Century of Racist History the …[/SIZE] › articles › democrats-jim-crow-a-century-of-racist-history-the-democratic-party-prefers-youd-forget
Democrats & Jim Crow: A Century of Racist History the Democratic Party Prefers You’d Forget by Sam Jacobs | Jun 19, 2020 In the last Presidential election , Donald Trump was lauded for his performance among black voters - he scored 4 percent of female black voters and a whopping 13 percent of black male voters , the highest since Richard Nixon

[SIZE=6]The Democratic Party’s History of Slavery, Jim Crow, and …[/SIZE] › 2018 › 01 › 08 › the-democratic-partys-history-slavery-jim-crow-kkk
It was the Democratic party in the United States that was most responsible for slavery and Jim Crow. At the time of the Civil War, all slaveholders were Democrats, or at least no one has found an exception at this time. And the Democratic Party was the party of Jim Crow, as well. Although the KKK was not officially aligned with the Democratic party, it consisted of white Democrats who terrorized both white and black Republicans (mostly black ones).

[SIZE=6]Democrats & Jim Crow: A Century of Racist History the …[/SIZE] › story-democrats-jim-crow-century-racist-history-democratic-party-p
Democrats & Jim Crow: A Century of Racist History the Democratic Party Prefers You’d Forget 'The traditional home of the black voter was the Republican Party, due to its historical role in ending slavery and introducing Reconstruction Acts and Amendments to the Constitution

You are as irrelevant as your ascertion and only rellies on mainstream media as a source of credible information.


The Parties swiched.

Nah. Folk just forgot history. And they cherry pick bits and pieces to drive their political agenda.

I will not insult you, but that you choose to expend your energy on defence of shetani is trully a waste of sperm!

Again, its not about an actual historical context that took place and currently indiscriminately employed by those leaning to the right to somehow justify the current scheme of thing’s.

As an black African man what do I know of the reThugs and Demons(crats)?
Who of the two pose more grave danger to my immidiate existence while in Africa?
My answer to this would obviously be both but acknowledging the fact that reThugs wage their global wars in the Middle East whilst Demons (corporate Democrats) have a looooooong history with instigating civil wars and strife, regime change in the continent.
Look around you AT THIS VERY MOMENT! 8 African nations have either had a democratically elected government deposed, or civil war has emerged or looming! CAF, Chad, Mali, Sudan, Mozambique, Guinea, BukinaFaso, Ethiopia. Expect Kenya, Equitorial Guinea, Malawi, Uganda, Benin and to a lesser extend Cameroon to experience some msuko suko

The Demons pay homage to 2 thing’s ONLY
1 Their campaign sponsorship
2. Reputation outlook
These are the only two metrics on how the Demons roll.
CiA is hyper in the continent at this very moment, hizo ngo mnapenda saana na kuzisifu ndicho kikulacho kinguoni lako!
There is really very little distinction between the two parties when it comes to maintaining the blackmans position in America. The only difference is reThugs they do it with kifua whilst the demons hold your hand to help you swim only to let go your hand as the bodies go for the plundge and hit the waters!
Had it not been for the top cop Kamala Harris, educational, and health incentives for the black and brown would have been increased during Donald Trumps reign(not that Trump wanted it but he didn’t have a choice because of the numbers in the senate). That is why kamala Harris chose to vote along reThugs against the proposed bill to reduce the USD 7billion pentagon budget by 10% to allocate these funds to education, health and social insentives for nyeuthi. Why did she do that? Yes because reThugs knew they honestly never stood a chance in re election and better have a devil you know than a devil you don’t (Bernie)!
They subtly endorsed her candidacy and provided funding as they paved way to Pennsylvania ave
Its cringe to note a a Kenyan with a shiny forehead picking sides as if shetani gives a flying føkk about your existence and purpose.
Utajua hujui

You don’t say

Wah! Alright! You win.


Hata afadhali niende nisome capote. :D:D:D:D

Is hokee
Eit fo fo ilitudanganya