This Old Dude Married 4 Wives In One Wedding..


Yesterday in Limpopo Province, Sekhukhune district,Tshehlwaneng Ga Makgeru village. One man married four wives in a white wedding.

Foursome loading.

This will end in tears. The bickering will stress him out.

Interesting night of consumation.


Meanwhile these cats are pillaging sisters with no remorse:D:D[ATTACH=full]333367[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]333368[/ATTACH]:smiley:

Actually that’s a fivesome

Sawa @njoti

What’s this allure of marriage that men (or women) who would still be perfectly well served extra-legally decide to put on the legal handcuffs?

I kind’a think you are v envious saa hii.:smiley:


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Explained like a true peasant. Karibu sana Omosh.