This new J.Cole is killin it!!-

I am late in bumping this guys music but just gone through the album (BY COZZ -EFFECTED)today.
[MEDIA=spotify]path=album%2F6CNwXxGCLQtWhG2VHOuiib[/MEDIA] - RInk desu

Shit this guy has J.coles script in his t.p cuz his straight up even uses the basketball game shit cole was known for in his early mixtapes…anyways straight fire…cole hatakama ni mse wake he needs to go back to this music


@Nefertities @Smith_ @Jimit @TerribleWaste @confused villager @slevyn

Niaje Screwplus. J.Cole been dope since day1

Poa. J.cole always been okay ni @Smith_ huwa na chuki na yeye na pia si kwa ubaya J.cole drops the ball now and then his debut kwanza how he sold out …will always haunt him…side line story is a tragedy in my eyes…from warm up to that …was like why is he pan handling for acknowledgement…

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