This Mwangi Kidnapping Seems Like "Business Deal Gone Bad"...

The families of five people who were abducted in Nyeri County in a span of five days are pleading with the government to help find their kin.
34- year old businessman Isaac Mwangi was travelling with his wife and 10-year old child when a Subaru Forester blocked the road and ordered him out of his vehicle.
According to his wife, the attackers had guns when they stopped them and took Mwangi before driving away in the Subaru Forester, leaving both the wife and the daughter by the road.
Boyish Wife of missing Nyeri Businessman Isaac Mwangi

“He asked me if I know how to drive and I told him that I didn’t know how to, he got into our car and started driving us away then they took my husband into their Subaru Forester and told me in swahili ‘huyu tunaenda na yeye kwa gari tuone kama tutaskizana,” Mwangi’s wife said.

“From where I was sitting I could see the Subaru Forester,” she continued.
Things however took a dramatic turn when she got to Narumoru and discovered that an employee who worked for her husband, Wilson Wairimu had also been taken.

“When we came back, we did not go home straight, I went to my husband’s place of work to get the security guard to take me home and when I got there I was told he was taken by some unknown men at around 7:30, that got me even more confused,” she stated.

But two days later Mrs Mwangi was travelling with their relatives in Naromoru when they were stopped by gun-wielding men.
Benard Wanjohi and Samuel Ngasha who are Mwangi’s cousins were abducted at gunpoint and the family stated they had not received any news from their kidnappers.
The six relatives who were travelling together stated they were ambushed at the Solio junction by men in three vehicles.

“If they’re being held by kidnappers, nobody has called us to ask for money and the police have not given us any information so we’re in total darkness, we just want our family members back,” Mwangi’s wife stated.

A few days later another Nyeri businessman Gerald Gwandaru was kidnapped by unknown men. Four days later no one knows his whereabouts.
Police stated that they are looking for the five people as residents called on the government to beef up security in the area.


Koro mago tang’o yawa?

those are poachers and robbers being dealt with by the system. good riddance

Consequences of an activism judicial system. Hii ni kionjo expect more in future.

Waki ku-kom na "forester’ jua tu kimeeleweka. Yaani wewe hakuna tena.

Siku hizi “businessman” huwa jambas, vile tu socialite huwa maliar.

It’s the young get rich quick guys who want to scam people through wash wash and car ‘deposits’. In this error of tracking of devices, the same phone ulitumia ku scam ndio itakuuza tu.

what the story does not mention is Mwangi has been in and out of courts for illegal poaching and ivory trade

Elephant Tusk traders. The wife forgot to mention. Let them be given justice the same way they give those elephants.

Manze if they are poacher waende one way. Hakuna nini ama nini. Juzi nilikuwa huko Al Pajeta national reserves pale Nanyuki. Stories za poachers vile wameua rhinos bana. Wanangoa mapembe while the animals are alive. All those involved should face the law. Meffi wao

Face the law for why??? Wafanywe minced meat wapewe mafisi na wild dogs

Baba huwa anasema… .takataka

Vile Porchers /Tusk traders wanamalizwa hivi … iyo sector inkaa itakuwa na opening. [SIZE=1]Just a rustlers thought.[/SIZE]


Naona umekuwa retiree. Sasa wekelea hekaya moja kila mwezi kaa pension.

Zinakuja tena na fujo saidi

Forrester :D:D

Hao wameenda hivyo. SAA hii labda wamekuliwa na mamba pale Kindaruma dam.