This Muzungu Wants Kenyan Athlete By Force

Aache kusumbua huyo aendee @TrumanCapote mwenye ametuambia she is too willing to get a white baby.


Weiss Marvin Valentin, an athlete from Germany has been ordered to pay a fine of sh70,000 or risk facing up to six months in jail after being found guilty of cyber harassment.

Valentin, appeared before Iten Senior Resident Magistrate Caroline Ateya on Thursday, April 19 and pleaded guilty to three counts of sending disturbing messages and a fourth count of malicious information to an athlete only identified as Regina Nguria.

It was revealed that the 25-year-old while training in Iten was smitten with the victim but the latter declined his unwanted advances.

"He persistently but unsuccessfully tried luring her though he was warned of his unbecoming behaviour by other athletes and even the coach,” stated the prosecution in part.

Angered by the rejection, Valentin proceeded to send disturbing messages to Nguria, at one point indicating intentions of hurting her. “You are (sic) having my blood in your hands. Tomorrow I will go to heaven and you will go to hell,” read one text obtained by the prosecution.

Court documents showed that Valentin went on to comment on a photo of Nguria posted on Instagram saying: “It was the plan from both of you to break my spirit by trapping me (sic) coming back to Kenya. Soon, the woman on the left will burn in hell…”

On the same day, the accused commented on a photo on the same social media platform saying: “Hopefully Regina is deceased in a few days.”

After pleading guilty to the charges, a visibly angry Valentin apologised to the court as well as asked the Magistrate to allow him to travel back to Germany claiming he was sick. “I am sorry for the messages. Send me back home for medication because I am sick.”

Senior Resident Magistrate Ateya ruled that Valentin should leave Kenya within 72 hours of paying the fine or completing the prison term, failure to which he would be deported.

No this guy got scammed. I know this story very well from people on the ground. Amepelekwa kama gari ya miraa. Back in the day iten was simple but now it’s full of the Vice as more money and human traffic has poured in. Anyways back to the story, huyu jamaa amepigwa character development and that’s why you see the local community defending him.

What’s the story on the ground, nikienda Iten kutafuta the next champion nisikue scammed.

regina nguria anafanya nini iten:D:Dshiny eyes are not known runners…

Maybe its a shared name like Maina

Tupee story on the ground.

Hehe I don’t wanna dox muselevu . Anyways actually there’s a bunch of these women who’ve been hanging around that area waiting for foreigners to scam. I think the surprise is both how successful they’re and also how bold. Young foreign athletes can’t really tell who’s who( actually the “victim” was an athlete back in the mid 2000s but not a good one particularly) so they fall for the “hopeless romantics “ and their love bombing. This is when the real game begins. Wanaporwa financially and eventually they’ll leave with empty pockets unless someone has decided they want to go to Europe. Most people naturally don’t wanna intervene for a myriad of reasons but I think this will have a lasting negative effect on the growth of Kenyan athletics . Huwezi zuia watu from interacting also so there are no easy solutions. To clarify on this story, jamaa came with his teammates, they trained and I think two went back to germany but this dude came back for “his love” who had in the meantime spent his last coin. Lakaanza kumcheka . The guy , unfortunately for the girl was well liked So the community was defending him. I think he was released and is still around . Not too sure but I’ll ask and update Kijiji

Noma. There’s always more than meets the eye with these types of cases.

How was he scammed? Kani aliachia malaya pesa ama alimtumia

So lanyez are reaping huge in Iten…

Kuna kitu hatuambiwi…

Is it the reason we are experiencing frequent crimes by foreigners against our female “athletes”.

Yenyewe nimegoogle huyo “athlete” and she is 37 years old. Yaani huyu muzungu alikuja all the way kukimbizana na mumama.
If what you are telling us is true, then the media is clearly complicit. Shame on them. Shame on everyone.
Shame on the muzungu, shame on the scammers and shame on the media.

Mbio za masafa marefu uishia kwao I guess so yes

This was slightly different. This lady was actually winning races and this was a fling with the Ethiopian who wasn’t a good runner but was known to be possessive. I know the lady. She was supposed to run a major marathon this coming fall season na alikuwa na bwana. I think the nerves triggered by this story then ya Tirop Ndio imefanya huyu mzungu arudishwe. You could say theirs was a story of hypergamy where ladies who are winning no longer want their current partners. Hii ya mzungu ni ya kunguru wanaosha foreigners which is very very common the last 10 or so years.

Umenena ukweli hapo. The media must know what’s up juu this is a common thing lately. But I guess with the other killings, it was a more sensational story the way they told it. I remember that lady back in the day na hakuwa a good runner so I am not sure what she’s still doing in Iten camps

homosexual, uza mkundu ya ukimwi bila kutusumbua

Ebu nikuulize. Qualification za kua manager wa an up and coming athlete ni? Ama it’s unregulated, any Tom, Dick or Harry with some little money to spend can start their own athlete management company?

It’s not unregulated per se but you’d need to be in the know about how athletics works. Ie do you wanna be the coach also or do you just want to manage already established athletes? Also you’d have to build up networks with outside races ( which is why you’d get paid) but if you have good athletes that’d be natural since they also want them. It used to be very wild and unregulated until a few years ago when it became too much and AK stepped in . Registration process isn’t too hard either. But again much lies with what your motivations would be, how far and fast do you wanna go with it etc etc. It’s best to develop your own athletes coz you build a base but that also requires you to be very patient, spend without immediate returns and build human relationships first. So I wouldn’t have an exact amount for you but if you have a steady income and can invest for a year or two then you can do it. Again it’s more to do with the amount of sacrifices you’re willing to put in. Managers become extremely rich and influential but that takes time. I quickly went through those systems enough to understand them and I also still heavily support those on the ground ( reason I usually would be able to predict a major race winner days before … sio uchawi, it’s information from the ground) so I kinda would be able to help out if u went that route . My advice again, don’t seek quick and immediate gains coz that won’t work longterm. Feel free to DM me sir.