This must have been a talker

Behave guys! There’s a thin line between appreciating the goodies and being abusive.

More feminazi propaganda to make men seem like predators.
I hate Twitter because its where cancel culture thrives the most. Cancel culture with no evidence. As long as someone says it, a bunch of strangers believe it and go out raving at any and everybody with an alternative view/opinion.
How are we supposed to believe this woman? She posts no evidence, not even a photo of the said man, but expects us to believe her? Everybody has a smartphone, CBD has cameras everywhere, buildings, streetlights, even car dashcams.

And if you click on that tweet, all you see is simp men apologizing to this woman. How do you even apologize for something you haven’t done?

Im not buying into this tweet for obvious reasons.

Unless the alleged perpetrator was a kikuyu. If he was a kikuyu then what she’s saying is true. Kiuks are evil and will kill anything and anyone to gain even a grain of sand

Newbie, stop triavilizing a very serious matter here. Focus on facts, don’t get tribal. You made sense to some extent until you decided to uncage your midget brain.

You know what, thats your view/opinion and you are rightfully entitled to it.
I nor any other person in my immediate circle has never met a straight, and by straight I mean honest, loyal, non thieving kiuk.
So I’m just telling it as it is based on my real life experience

And don’t ever refer to me as “midget brain” or any other epithet, lets not go there.

I don’t condone the tribal part, but the rest is pure truth.

You were talking a lot of sense man but once you started that tribal tirade imebidi we cancel you too. NVchieth. Peleka ukabila mbali.

K1hiiiii peleka ukabila huuuuukoooooo

[SIZE=5]Midget brained ghaseer. [/SIZE]

I pray that you see the light and stop hating bantu people for no good reason. Raira will not win. Let jaruo brothers put forward a person that isnt a traitor and all kenyans will consider. Raira sold us to chaitani.
Currently, riwe riwaro.

Not everyone with alternative facts is a jaluo. That said, @Babadanger amesema ukweli that Kenyans have to embrace. Looking out for an honest shiny eye is akin to looking for a needle in a hay stack. Hata okuyus wenyewe wanaogopana wenyewe kwa wenyewe because of shining eyes on things.

You were talking so much sense only to spoil it by becoming tribal.

Mbwa Koko wewe! Hiyo ujinga pelekea mama yako!

Naona kuna kîhîî niliban ambaye ameongea upussy

Attention is like crack cocaine to women,she wants male attention and the victim sympathy card woishes,any way she is "advertising " that she has a “spankable” booty ,bora ufike bei .

A well dressed man, huh?

Mwangandani finally reponds[ATTACH=full]327440[/ATTACH]

:smiley: ghaseer bait and switch kali. Si ungesema thread ni ya kukojolea kikuyu nation instead of hiding in the bushes

Then ur hare-brained

Before you believe the story check if her twitter has pictures of her booty, if it does that is where she is sending you or her sentiments are thoroughly paraphrased to suit agenda. I know what a man would say in that situation. "Unakaa poa …‘’ is not something a random spanker would say.